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Lotto Scratch Cards

6 of the dreaded 2 monopoly will they live to there name and be terrible or will they give me something.

right we’re back once again and today I’ve got six off the monopolies reason why I’m playing the easiest because miles twice i don’t really like um having had a big win on most of our others 10 on one and so i’m hoping i can change that right now so yeah six of them i had to before this is well which weren’t i went up so i’m hoping it should be one winner at least in one of these so we’ll get started and we’ll do the my numbers first which I know I didn’t so we’ve got 17 5 and 11 15 7 and 8 13 and a6 a7 which we’ve got so we’ve got warming up it’s nice at 15 which we got it all so that’s one winning right there Bob chewing us two buds good start six to 18 19 15 17 15 7k megan three nope and a 16 / 6 so yeah nothing on that one 1311 1671 10 7 9 and 4 18 note and a 12 no 4110 win up 1315 51 and a six and eight no 16 nope server are the way there two more left 15 4 10 19 12 16 5 and 23 and a 20 yes one another winner there it’s nice to see keep it going and the last one 16 17 18 for 15 2013 and a 27 know about 70 17 time and a nine nobuseri one half of them someone or three let’s see what the prices are so I’m going to start with the 715 purely because it’s normally two and two so give it a little bit was zooming so 15 is two pounds 7t pounds so four pound back on that one and go for the monopoly win now and we did these poisons first since I returned early for not gonna be a thousand start with five thousands not gonna be 500 every hundred thousand not to and it is a 50 knots you buzz fiber back on that one and last one which is the matching 20 not going to good that’s good and it is five on that one it’s also on this video I’m to power look but over on to found down said two more before this but yeah we’ve got five run that 15 run that one for pound on that one so not too bad happy with that um if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up and if you’re not already subscribed get subscribed and you will see a lots more of my videos so thanks for watching and please like and subscribe.


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