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Lotto Scratch Cards

Nice selection of cards today will I get much luck ?????.

ok so another day another scratchcard episodes and I’ve got three lucky days and a quarter of a million purple so we will get started with rocky days absolutely love these cards I like Tom before and now like now so yeah we’ll get started coin and a horseshoe let’s zoom in a little bit star on spider clover and a pot of gold spot gold and a star nothing on that one cleave it spider spider horseshoe coin hot hot rabbit foot hell horseshoe horseshoe start pop pop clover clover it went all so two days in a row I’ve had a win all that’s pretty cool leave it on sends purse a bundle awesome diamonds coin bank safe I’m having so much lock on scratch files lately um I don’t know how we’re gonna why but mmm it just seemed to be paying out for me a minute so I also won’t last for long Bookman so we’ll start with this winner mmmm so it’s not going to be and it is to power back on that one not bad I’ll take it and the win on is it gonna be a fire is going to be 10 20 40 122 and it’s gotta be a five or awesome tink we’re back I’m pretty happy with that twice i love that entities and that one is also a tour farm back out five pounds awesome result i am happy about that if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you’re not already subscribed to get subscribes i’m going to keep doing loads of videos and if you’re subscribed so you can keep watching them so yeah thanks for watching and please like and subscribe.


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