National Lottery Scratch Cards! On Easter Sunday! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

hi guys, well its Easter sunday and thought i would do some cards so i have 15 worth here

hi guys don’t know the scratch girl video as it’s Easter Sunday thought all done off you scratch card so I got 15 pounds were fair we’ve got six bejeweled and one lucky lines to the lucky ones first dose and law reasonable feathered spider online cloud bring a pot of gold put gold bring Potter gold picky and way bugger key rainbow rainbow star the diamond star diamonds nice town I’ve done seven and lightning dobar cherries cherries key in a horseshoe k ocean so we have no winner that’s doable no winner oop Jordan next okay nope nope not from the first one for the second one the third one I think I think so on last one once again nothing wow that of all that we have nothing at all multi hell what okay crane for watching guys and I’m not really up soon thank you.


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