National Lottery Scratch Cards [New Jewel 7S Doubler] Video

Lotto Scratch Cards




their so I have found one off the new scratch cars that just come out from the extra watery and this one is the Georgia sevens doubler it’s the same as all the other ones but with pretty little colors the odds are one in 4.20 and the policies he can win are to pound for pound five pound ten pounds 20 pounds 40 pounds 100 pound 200 pounds 1,000 pounds seven thousand and seventy thousand pounds so I’ve got five one there is a new tube new one pound cards and a new five pound card coming out as well and I will be doing videos on them so we’ll start with this one and let’s see what we can win so I’ll resume in just a small bit I’m gonna get started so I do the game is to find seven or eight or just win double the prize I’ve got a 1 4 2 3 1 4 a 2 and a 3 so nothing on that one second one 6 a 3 and 8 to 5 another 5 or 4 to nothing on that one nine four to nine eight eight and one and two which I missed any up from the other ones and these aren’t looking too good at the minute so I’m not really been a fan of these sevens cards anyway because they take too quickly to win and one win which is good ain’t complaining with that this is hope it’s a straight 10 or anything after that really and the last one oh god when they’re five eight five one one four and six so we’ve got two wins out of them let’s see what we’ve won we’ll go with the first one first let’s just focus again let’s get rid of all these poisons first I mean looking promising the first prize is a four pound one and so not bad for pound there and the seven at the top there’s a four pound so eight pound bucket n I ain’t complaining with that 2 pound loss not a big deal hopefully you enjoyed that video I will be doing a video of the other new cards that are coming out which is the new one pound Rubik’s which looks pretty cool and there’s another one which is pink I don’t know what it is yeah sex watch this video if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you’re not already subscribed and you want to see more of these videos please get some scrubs and you will see more of these videos from me thanks for watching. .

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