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Lotto Scratch Cards

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hi guys okay right through here and today I have found the get lucky scratch cards from the National watering so it’s a two pound card and there is I think six gain or six rows and a bonus game the odds are holding 4.44 and the party Queen are two pound for pound five pound ten pound 20 pound for pound 100 pounds 200 pound a thousand pound five thousand pound and the top prize of 80,000 so basically what you have to do the game is you have to be numbers here and then you have your numbers and so on and then obviously the bonus game find a clover twin 20 pounds so I’ve got 500 8 and let’s see if anything big ok so these tickets number 35 to 39 it will get started okay so the winning numbers first so Row one will cry 38 no 38 17 a 17 8 no 825 4149 one and 46 so if you saw them and I 39 okay sniffing color oh on this one there yeah 13 see ya swatch I do miss a few bear and no clover so nothing on that one 49 4 11 and 41 42 43 and 213 no and no and it’s a lucky rabbit significant on 26 45 Scott Foley go first we go Fonzie so 29 1084 no I’m 33 no nothing there so shocking that wall then we got nothing back obviously I’m not ticking on the odds the elder quite higher on the tube and quad the motts supposed to be but yep that’s the new two pound get looking and I hope you enjoy this for you if you did please give it a thumbs up and if you’re not subscribed and you already want so then you want to subscribe please subscribe it helps me out and I will be doing the new 250,000 blues when I find them so yeah thanks for watching and please like and subscribe. .

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