National Lottery Scratch Cards #9 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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okay so another scratchcard episode today so obviously i won the year twenty pound early on the temp a scratch cards now first spent another eight pounds and got one be lucky two hundred thousand threads one lucky numbers a 250,000 blue and a jaw sevens water player so what we’ll start off with the power ones and see what we can win so how about much shock on these looking on this ball I just want some big come on so looking for them 850 won 13 7 say that sums up like ours not very fun at all to pound to pound 20 pounds 100 100 thousands and two pounds to 12 pounds let’s fetch rather down that ten thousand twenty twenty thousand hundreds 100 5010 so nothing on that one 5 40 45 25,500 5010 so nothing down that one to be George 71st six go in that 594 169 we’ll come back to that one in the map and the turn over 2,000 it’s diamonds there it is come back to that one minute to 250 thousands soup 5,000 5,000 to 50,000 so we’ll see diamond first so it will got a five pound on that one my cell win that and the seven what do the other party’s first I love denim so it’s not really to pound which is good there will be four pounds not gonna be five pounds that’s even better there were thousands are so many thousands not for in a thousand so could it be like a 10 or something there’s zero and yeah 10 pounds so we’ve got 10 15 and 17 by pound back out of eight so if you’re not already a subscriber please subscribe to my channel for more videos so I’ll be doing videos very regular now and if you like this video please get a thumbs up so thanks for watching and please like and subscribe.


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