National Lottery Scratch Cards #8 (Big Daddy) Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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okay guys another scratchcard episodes today I’ve got one of the new 4 million blue editions of the temp are such cars I’ve dewayne 3.06 and yeah there is also i got my winner winner chicken dinner bunted eight which offer pull somewhere my balls so that’s great thanks for the likes on the last video i will put in the equivalent of twenty peas into the top for the fall back of scratch cards and we’re going to start it on this ten pound one so i’ll zoom in a little bit if I can’t alright so same as always fun the National Lottery so similar to win so I’ve got a bank it’s not very clear is it I’ll sort of Bank go bar cash and 8th wing so nothing on that game the next one if yours weighs more than theirs so we got 27 since up to 28 as always 15 27 x 17 19 so nothing that so i’ll scratch off the symbols first as i always like to do this so we’ve got a car the limo bouncing ball money bag crown we are looking for double symbols which are not fit we’ll get but speedboat gold key pop gold and diamonds so the winning symbols our house which we ain’t got and a limo we have a win which I want expecting SAT scores and the next game if the tuna was up to 10 win the prize so a 724 yeah 3 & a 9 if entire and a 3 & a 1 think that last one we’ve got another one that’s great so these 20 pound like one more win and we should have a sister now 10 but i doubt what’s happening because that’s already came outside ok them so we’ll check what the prize is out because i find a ten pound I know it’s at least it’s at least a 50 power winner so nice 25 is gone so it’s guaranteed to 10 tens over there we go 10 pounds of that and tamela so we’ve got twenty pound wing on this 10 pound scratch cards so that’s great also i will be doing a video soon of the Muskrat car collection I have a a lot of cards and it’s a great collection I think like to them for quite a while now I have cards from not a 1995 all the way up to now so I want to show you them from bonds from America from Spain from this country. .

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