National Lottery Scratch Cards #7 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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ok guys thanks for seeing subscribe to my channel sorry it’s been a while since my last video but often busy and I will be doing making a lot more videos now as I’m not as busy also what I’m going to do now is I’ve been wanting to do a four pack for so long it’s been ages in a long time but what I want to do now for every video uploads that each like I receiving my videos and I will put 20 p into like a little i will say put in this thing dear i’ll put it in one of these so a big star come on top and every like I will put 20 p into it and once i get to the amount of money for a four pack of sweats cards i will do a four pack of such cards so for one like is 20 p into the top um so yeah I’ve got a super cash bonus Joss Evans doubler a bejeweled type of cash at eight 250,000 blue edition so we’ll get started and we’ll stop with the super cash bonus so yeah I might be able to the video again today because i did a video fagus so got bank that I don’t know what the quiet is like on this phone because it’s very just got it so there we go first cards we win a five pound so it’s a good start will do the jaw harp akash next so whilst off the hard cash now we’ve got another win there so what ever saw yeah so go to the window come back to that than that nine and 8226 another win could this be every card five and then last one is in that and there so we’ll go back to the original have cash and there’s one scene power plant and the jaws sevens were silly game no so it looks like a two pound where is to bounce so we’ve got nine pound back out of eight so pampaw fit not too bad but yeah oh if I’ve ever like to receive on this video I’ll put 20 p / light into the tub and hopefully fall back soon so thanks for watching and please like and subscribe.


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