National Lottery Scratch Cards #6 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


okay guys so I have done I’m doing another scratch car video I only got four pounds worth but I’m I have also got to show you little five pound when I had their five pound when I had their and also I’ve got a winning one here which are in scratch off yet which I’ll do at the end of the video and also first thing that’s what soft was a diamonds so I thought I’ll be in trust until video so I’ll save that one is all for the end of the video so we’ll get started we’ll start with the innocent alone so that’s your now to do it we’ll get started okay so our numbers are 2 8 12 18 22 and 33 13 and no 16 no 4928 no 22 yeah 49 no and the bonus for is 44 which we haven’t gotten so that one is a now for the hundred thousand one thousand one pounds 10 pounds hundred pound compound thousand pound pound that and then the becuase yeah stuff and hard cash that’s a watch three of the different than that one so we will start with this one see what one makes this so we want a five on that one love to you but so I’m going to pop on this video and then we’ll do D two 7s here which is two pounds and obviously two pounds that’s for power winter and for this one let’s see if you get more diamonds I would love to see a full cast which might have fun before work for a long time so a bank necklace airing first chain three little one down our name warning back and watch three 201 Birds 105,000 40 and 200 something there and hopefully some big damage see what we’re not gonna win not for not 10 up to hundreds not thousands not five thousands and it is I saw five of that so in this episode I’ve got 5 9 14 15 pounds obviously plus the plus the two side patio so I’ve got a decent they do thanks for watching and so my giveaway ends in a few days so if you’ve not already watched it mmm ghost via the video which summer channel enter and you gonna be in a chance to win some water dancer speakers branding so thanks for watching please like and subscribe this video and I’ll see you next time.


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