National Lottery Scratch Cards #37 Final Part 3/3 * Spearos Scratchcards * Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Final bit of the 3 parter.

what’s up guys back again and we’ve got the finisher offer offer of the last one so these were the remainder the 37 quit I bought the shop this one’s going to be a bit of a quicker video and as you can see us what we’ve got in front of us one purple one triple payout one navy and a cash would get a nice 20 pounder on the cash word in the last one or 20 pounds or as I make it you can see differently please it and let me know let’s crack on let’s do the pounder we want to come below 25 realistic numbers here so hopefully I’m good sighs grand absolutely Jason I have a jillion hundred absolute ginza should’ve seen anything so muscle ooh look triple pale shampoos and ball okay golden rings chrome coin coin a mini bag it’s really very chefs German necklace and once that says losers that would have been one times we’ve got a 250,000 er so you lost on the last means ass if we get a 7 up number one card so spec looking for free or kind of a sweet to aplenty again reason my own save 2014 realistic i 20 to what we reckon 42 she’s got a two prong winner to come on a map like scratch this even though really might be another 2 pounder there is the diamond oh yeah we’ve got it another two super so we’ve got a nice full poem in there we’ll take that and to finish off we have a cache word and there’s actually a kill on this one so rare e but let’s let’s do the same as the force Oliver hello hello today mm w I’ll be there mmm 3w o 1p Oh Pete Pete J and L oh man absolution uh oh oh I’m good EJ every only an ambitious one but nope mmm X got first word and now we got next oh go on the way up I and H of H I know HS clinic see a new early one see that he’s going to be the big blocker in this one guys that’s it F&A so I’m going to win on this card fa let the tea blocked here okay oh okay I think I mean I’ll either cut the other blocker S&T yeah okay so I reckon we’ve got a and a date Aniki q thank you as well Oh what miss one night after work you cook Oh and eat clay well either do that either so anybody but equals now please I think we’ve want to requite yeah just make sure no tea no D no s here still a date okay cool and now yeah there’s three good guys we’ll take that as well not too bad at all so set them back from eight so a total of over thirty seven quid over three videos we got back when I’m both our passwords we got 23 back on that so 27 28 from 37 mmm best not the worst so it all keeps us going thanks for watching like and subscribe and I’ll continue to make thank you my life.


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