National Lottery Scratch Cards #30 Wins? * Spearos Scratchcards * Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Couple of wins :).

couple because we want to shop by our hardly nothing there so today we’ve got a 5 200 to 250 purple one bingo 100,000 purple and it was going to be one knee on 9th but when I chat when they get one out he ripped instead all you don’t want that one dear i did in and then I thought what if I got home and it was the one so I said you know I’ll take that one as well so we’ll do this one at the very end so let’s see so I can move it right let’s see what we can get today 15 14 13 115 winner winner six seven to 12 stuff we’ve got two pounds most of the videos of soup i wanna i think we spent ten interval 78 get 10 so 25,000 30,000 hundreds in the family sorry about a shadow as well to make those actually just notice quite bad as a bad position look so well fly for them anyway well continue okay Cooper the bag this is back my shrink fully good thousand quid cool mil enjoy and can elect Cornell joined that was a bust fast 200 not fall in love cuz they’re crap today we need yeah next up he’s been go boy we just got Boyd stammers seem like I mean right 32 you need to press 9 19 and 69 19 19 and 53 she’s weird car and another one anyway this Oliver and to say 148 may be missed you could then 10 and 12 50 and 75 50 75 50 I said yes we only need 3923 that’s it so I so little but against me being stupid 72 and 49 1360 lay down 60 then fixed you down there down there so 58 would do it as well now 46 and then look for doing all the time 4143 would do it 66 I look straight at liza’s and 39 00 39 winner winner yeah so that is five pound when apologies for scratching on that was absolutely shocked and all over the shop here so nice five Pam link will take that I think I’ve missed anything else let me know that again not sure sorry guys and now how we will finish up with the wrecker it really is absolution but I said I didn’t wanna leave it behind this is on the seven was all he scratched from it so was it good decision 12 full in free 10 15 15 was it a good decision to take it no it wasn’t but again I would have played on me all night if I didn’t bring him home so once you get back we got back I have a 10 pound spend two and five of their so send them back from 10 I’m not going to moan about that and we’ll go again thanks for watching guys please like and subscribe and I’ll continue.


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