National Lottery Scratch Cards #3 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


hello that and then welcome to another scratchcard episodes today I’ve got one of the five pounds Napoles and the odds are one in 3.5 too so I’m hoping to get a winner and so I’ve seen ice play all and so get started stop the bonus game fine dear mr. monopoly we’ve got a pound sign mmm sniff it now I mean to say well bit and if yours weighs more than theirs we’re 22 and 24 9 11 and a 14 15 I 21 nothing that hey chin on the starter much so a 625 a name and a 701 noting that the winning symbols are a wallet and a coin so go necklace diamonds pot gold crown gold King ring choo choo train and stack so nothing on this ticket so yeah yeah and he likes will be appreciated and if you’d already subscribe please subscribe penny i lock me out i’m not a small video soon also um once it’s officially subscribers have all be doing a year scratch car i dono such hard am i prize giveaway after what dancing speakers so yeah the more subscribers about so thanks for watching and please like a subscribe. .

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