National Lottery Scratch Cards [ 3 Times Lucky ] Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Here is a win after the other 2 winners in my last video, as they say 3 times lucky.

I go so i’m back again and i went back to shop catch the four pounding i kept the 10 pound win which is still there that was to get him a 15 the four pound when that i ad was ticking number 14 and I bought one more and it was three times lucky so I’ve got a diamond dear and I’m running back here and I was revealed a prize on camera see if it’s anything decent so I’ll tell you you see what the prize is not going to be hopefully I see the two pound go and then I’d be like yet laughs at least atena know it’s the five pounds gone which and the 20 pounds gone so it was either gonna be them too but it’s gonna be to parenting pan I also but yeah you know three times lucky casa for pounding got the four pound bag but it’s not it’s a pretty good result I’ve only a bit of luck on scratch class today so um yeah so thanks for watching this video please like and subscribe.


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