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what’s up guys borough scratch cards back again with another video for us to hopefully enjoy should I got one fast 500 a lucky x 9 250 navies and 300 gram purple so we’ll go lowest heist and we’ll start with these one hundred thousands we could increase 10 quid thousand five thousand hundred thousand have another terrible choice them under thousand thousand fully cretin on that ran under grandpa Abby’s an iguana for equip thousand psiphon the area shocked official can learn thousand well march at five thousand so any any any of us on the bus in a quick pilot that’s an easy to find angry for we could turn it for 20 to 30 10 so no much credence is a minute let’s go on to 250,000 maybe spot bought it for a while so for meet man bat by a bus get lucky chrome to 50,000 to undress and looking for that diamond know whenever we don’t call bust we’ve got ten pound nice very nice check our quad up and said the other must let must go the thing we went for a call no 48 turn your 55 grand Andrew quick for a half for me come on come on outlet so looking for that timing against and no so down that one on two lucky nine ok I know lockpick away cos cob up quite like it nope looking for 55 an hour sorry required to see that comes a fan with language I’ve just nervous 27 for 850 3325 22 36 45 53 a while fer 40 18 18 25 points it for 39 51 52 4348 bility those cook 23 5 7 12 21 11 26 5 round come on 21 nineteen thirty nine twenty eight percent a 949 55 at the end there I said troll in the car so it’s nothing on that one i spell checked laughing on that one and finally fast 500 needs a bit absent awful for me recently did an instant 50 when they first come up but that’s the best I’ve ever nothing till five is tops at the moment mainly nothing’s right so we’re looking for diamond plane trailer truck and cargo come on in let’s hope we both know step any kappa timer helmet no no no no chess fluently another time I so there was a crap really excited dislike these cards not sure thing but if you win backed it up and then I say hello the losers but i’ll continue to buy them nonetheless try and get when i’m out 500 jackpots but so today we spent 5 8 10 12 15 and got back just the one winner 10 quid so not alas we go again with that tanner thanks for watching guys to like and subscribe be great we’ll keep on watching see it but I. .

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