National Lottery Scratch Cards #17 Couple Of Wins! * Spearos Scratchcards * Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Few wins on the current standard mix.

what’s up guys Bureau scratch cards back again with another little scratch card horde looks like the same as the last three videos but we’ve gotta pay latest stunt again still doing these classify lunge into engines just purely because there’s tons of jackpots and I really wanna get one so apologies you see videos I little repairs I will mix up in the next one so let’s crack on lowest to highest and we’ll start painting looking for that pain less mana first onto to helmet and no free 500 come on we’re playing Willa winner yes sir a little it’ll be great and no wonder ahem however yeah I could that learn to win but wouldn’t have minded a big 510 monopoly take us into profit like it did on the last video she didn’t watch the last video in a nice little ended so go and check that 10 looking for that 20 no absolutely pointless box electric Aaron chopper when I winner oh house think I can see five quite there but I’m not sure anymore anymore as a question 1620 Harlem 24 devotional 1517 milk so they have one doll for time nope 89 blue one and a love so we’ve got five pounds so we’ve got fast 5 10 from a 15 pounds then not break but lot of us at all so we’ll take me all day long and keep searching for that elusive jackpot like to watch again guys well I can subscribe be great and see you in the next video below.


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