National Lottery Scratch Cards #10 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

The new double your luck scratch cards

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okay guys so this is the new w look a two pound scratch card from the national lottery well the game store odds are one in 4.2 for other prizes in game match to sumo match two identical symbols to win the prize for that game if you match to double symbols you win double the prize a quick shout out to Tony Parker check out this channel ego serve log vlogs eaters sings to scratch cards so yeah that’s a little shower for you and also for you and one like equals 20 p towards the for back scratch cards so every like i receive on my videos i will be putting their 20 p into my little tube thing and once I’ve reached enough money for four bucks scratch cards I will do a four pack of cards so yeah alright so we’ll start off with these this first time I’ll played this card so we’ll see if we can get anything decent change your coin on this so we’ve got a medium in a bit so we’ve got clover and looking at a rainbow and coin money spider and a flying pig hats order to come out horseshoe and a rainbow coin so nothing on the first cards at the second card rainbow and a clover spider wishbone flying pig and a pot of gold which bone horseshoe and which phone ringing boat leprechaun spider and clover and a washing looking on that one last one coin and a pig wash u 7 green bow and a clover clover and a seven flying pig which is already come out and horseshoe which side come out so nothing on these three cards so yeah if you like the video please get a thumbs up and your thumbs up we’ll put 20 feet towards a pack of scratch cards if you’re not already subscribed as well please subscribe as it helps me out my channel so thanks for watching and please like and subscribe. .

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