National Lottery Scratch Cards #08 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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right guys so this is I’ve got ten pounds worth of tickets this will be the last video due until next year now so the first to jam can we start the scratchcards a day again because it’s better start after the first of the year but anyway I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for watching my channel so that’s all right i want to thank her Jerry as well for sending me all these tickets he sent me from Florida they’ve been from scratch so anyway I’m going to Scott cheese off and then this will be the last video i do until the new years so we’ll start off with the cus much so move these on the way so we get as much two numbers find the numbers no yeah right so I’ve got a two and a year one and nine and it’s seven six and five and a three and a four so that’s all ya next one I do is the Emerald sevens cuz I hate this one never seem to win on these so we’ve got an 85 for 2 a 3 6 & 9 & a 1 so once again I hit a one on these ones then we’ll do the cash rich in Game one find two numbers out of 72 got three and hopefully it’s for nope 61 nope match three symbols a gem and their pot of gold a locket and a necklace and the winning number is a 5 on the graph and 8 a 1 a three and a seven so nothing like one then the 250 gram rainbow so go find a diamond nope nope nope nope nope and no it’s nothing our find a money bag pot of gold and then match straight away on this one so it’s in 50 grams 200 220 ones hundreds and hundreds so nothing on that one too so the but George we have to save with eat so to d1 845 bd16 3e 5d for a 785 a so we’re looking for 5 scene 9a and 9b is also looking for one c4 beam for days on eight c7c when you’re quite a few here 3d and it’s going to be all the worse numbers now mombi and they’re putting me at two tomorrow note for d so the bejeweled us save my Dean but would it be a big winner it probably three quid but actually expect you in the fucking yeah ruffian might three quid non yep that’s pretty quit so thanks for watching please like and subscribe and I will be back on the first of January so thanks for watching and thanks for watching away with the videos.


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