National Lottery Scratch Card Scratch Off #6 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

National Lottery Scratch Card Scratch off #6.

hey guys just a quick video um got five lucky dill scratch cards and I’m going to see if I can win at least double my money back ok so here we go so if i find a nine that will give you at least my money huh 10 10 9 10 55 nope SJ q Jay no 587 10 9 7 to 10 q no Jay 77 okay Jake ace ace five no my card is a loser ok so the bonus card is j which will be 100 pounds if i get to eulogize seven eight nine seven note q 8q 55 k 65 no 10 ace 8 10 9 8 5 10 6 nope 10 7 9907 king 66 nope Ursula’s as well free to go take my bonus card is number six which would be at least four pounds win so let’s see king in 868 note Jack ace Queen Jack six Queen nine Queen not King Jack cannon 10 no 9 10 55 note ace 99 boom Reba Jack and 10 8 7 ace no no Wendell not one over to let clay my bonus card is Chuck 6 10 10 king no 99 Jack 59 Queen face six note queen 887 no Queen 10 66 night jack Ronald up there no damn it seven pace pace 10 now really doing well these ones lost God let’s see if this is when I so I’m looking for number nine you forget free of those that’s 20 pounds there’s a 10 teen 6 king nope six space 10 he’s seven feet 10 feet between ignorant Jenny Chuck no no last one wow that was a disappointment no when I knows well 10 pounds are done and rain but it happens thanks for watching oh great.


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