National Lottery Scratch Card Day 24 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

be/6YiN5hdO0Tw my 100 Scratch Card Challenge video

here we go with the final day before the big one before Christmas Day could this be a big winner or what Christmas Day be my big winner I’m going to walk away we just an 11 pound to about 200 5200 I would really like to see to Anjali of these people okay let’s be positive 200 it’s a 10 pound okay so come on positive 200 okay one last champion x200 met okay so that’s that there’s another non winning Christmas presents rubbish scratch card these cards really are rubbish in my opinion I’m going to quickly get on my old car together were couple of one which is 11 BAM I got what I’ve spent which one is more than that make a quick summary video which I can show you all together on Boxing Day I want 11 quid do you know what so I keep it or should i buy to my scratch cards mm hmm I don’t know I’ll work on that in a minute all right guys cheers take care subscribe and check out the summary video tomorrow.


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