My First Win On U.K Scratch Cards Video

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My first Win on U. K Scratch Cards

what’s up a room Jade face here so I managed to get me hands on some UK scratch cards I’ve got the fast 240 name if you’re honest she says 24 his top prize is 250 thousand pound I’ve also got two bingos there I’ll probably doing another video but yeah that’s me for still I’m scratching you play scratch cards wanna be friends elf let’s brought them back from holiday from me so I think I’ll start off with the fast 200 see how we get on so let’s see it says best chance of winning a 200 pound top prize with the National Lottery okay so you check the winning symbols and pretty much the symbols to the winning symbol okay it’s pretty straightforward let’s get to it I’ve been looking forward to scratching some UK scratch cards plan on doing more of them so we’ve got a golf bar and the diamond let’s see if we can match these symbols track helmet flag let’s go on to the second diamond at the win it’s me first win on UK scratch scared me forced you okay scratch scared I’m he forced win on EU place got scared so chuffed with that part gold timer no bulk so we’ve got the diamond then the diamond debt we 1/4 pound whoo so what I’ll do is I’ll probably be up the North open North Norland fairly soon when I’m up there I don’t know if I can crash stays in and Northern Ireland they’re not sure I’ll find out there is for a pound anyway let me first ever UK scratch guide your paw let’s show you the next class 200 pound got a track on the timer helicopter claim I’m not expecting this one to win after the other one when in a boat and Goldberg I’m into our last line of the faster ones now note car thunderbolt and a coin so no win on that one not surprised off the same roll but to pound each minimum you come in is to top you can 200 okay so let’s scratch on to the next ones these are two pounds as well let’s see if we have any better look on these ins or if we can even get another win then a win would be nice see game one find a diamond to win a prize so we’re looking for a diamond jeez ready safe coin necklace champagne just on the wallet no winning game one game to find the money bag to win a prize let’s see no 40 so as far as I know that’s nothing but the laughs as far as I know if I’m wrong you can let me know down in the comment section never scratch tears before I was frozen I was the last on the last game we’ve got much tree amounts to win five thousand two quid 250,000 the top post four quid four quid 250,000 so that’s no win on me forced one of these guys I’m not surprised but so far we’ve got one win the for Europe on the fast till one day let’s see if we can get a bit more luck on this one I’m gonna go look for the diamonds for starters you’ve got a ring safe champagne coin bundle of course so no waiting game one game to now think we’re looking for the money bag and it says stuck two quid so once again as far as I know that is a loss you don’t get that to quit I don’t think because you need to get that the difference is the money bag symbols to get the prize as far as I know so that’s an another loss as I said if I’m wrong he’s gonna let me know down in the comment section so game tree much tree to win see we’ve got forty quid 200 quid two hundred and fifty thousand top prize 200 quid give us another 200 quid come on four thousand and it hasn’t so I think we’ve only got one win on them anyway that’s the diamonds on the first 200 with the four pound happy enough attack was for me first ever scratch on a UK scratch card I’ve got four pound and that’s not much but at least to win so leave that I won’t drag out the video any longer I’m sure series again peace.


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