Missouri Lottery Scratchers Strategy 2018 Guides

Our updated missouri lottery scratchers strategy guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Just giving folks a heads up that have proven to be quite profitable for me.  This may depend on your state  but  hopefully you’d be able to get some information that will help. 1.  Stay away from buying a single $1 ticket.  Chances are you will lose.  You should buy these tickets in multiples of at least 4. 2.  Read the entire ticket!  You can see the odds of winning, but it will also tell you the odds of a cash winning.  For instance, The ticket may say  odds of winning are 1 to 3.35  but reading closer will reveal that the odds of winning a CASH prize is  1 to 9.46 3.  Do not think that just because the ticket says 1 in 9.46 is a cash winning doesn’t mean that you will win money.  The odds are OVERALL, not just the section you buy. 4.  Check your state’s websites.  If your state lottery offer weekly updates, follow them.  Do not buy tickets with fewer than 1000 remaining large winnings.  The exeption to this rule is if you live in a very small city with very few retailers. 5.  AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE.  WHEN YOU WIN ON A TICKET, EVEN A “FREE TICKET”  UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO CASHOUT, DO NOT BUY MORE TICKETS OF THE SAME TYPE,  YOU WILL NOT WIN.  THAT WINNER IS PART OF THE ODDS AND YOU WILL BE STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN.  EITHER BUY A TOTALLY DIFFERENT TICKET, CASHOUT, OR GO TO ANOTHER STORE AND PURCHASE THE SAME TICKET. 6.  Now, this is a guess on my part but so far its shown to be correct ( in my experience).  If your retailer ran out of tickets and he/she offers to open a new pack for you.  UNLESS THEY ARE WILLING TO GIVE YOU A TICKET FROM THE MIDDLE, don’t buy the first ticket.  I don’t know why, buy I have yet to get a winner from the very first ticket. If anyone has any other tricks or if you have had a different experience please respond.

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I don’t know why, buy I have yet to get a winner from the very first ticket. For three days the clerks at the store advised everyone that was buying tickets not to buy from that game because of the win. I don’t know why, buy I have yet to get a winner from the very first ticket. VA tickets like to have winners at the very beginning of the roll tickets 39, 38, or 37, but they used to hit better at tickets 2,1, or 0. . VA tickets like to have winners at the very beginning of the roll tickets 39, 38, or 37, but they used to hit better at tickets 2,1, or 0. VA tickets like to have winners at the very beginning of the roll tickets 39, 38, or 37, but they used to hit better at tickets 2,1, or 0.

missouri lottery scratchers strategy

Missouri Lottery Launches The World’s First Pop ‘N’ Play™ Ticket

The odds of winning the first prize jackpot are one in 7,059,052 (or 3,529,526 at two games for a dollar).
Compare that to the jackpot odds of one in 30,821,472 of winning Lucky for Life,
or one in 292 million of winning the Powerball lottery
or one in 302,575,350 of winning the Mega Millions game!
However, the best game in Missouri is Show Me 5 Cash with odds of one in 575,757.

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Winning number groups with these three patterns occur in 80 percent of all drawings. If any skip from 0 to 5 did not occur, play the Lotto numbers that are out that many games. Losing numbers that have been out ten games or less account for 80 percent of all the winning numbers. Lotto 6/44 has 44 numbers.

hey everybody we’re back late night scratcher with you and we got a little tree we got a $30 300 million golden ticket from the one and only millionaire book scratcher this is the one that made him famous made him rich he won ten million dollars in this ticket on this spot right here Oh standard numbers matching get a coin when that prize get a 2×1 double 10x when ten times a gold bar ones 500 which he just did that here today and you get a pot of gold you want all 30 prizes and I saw him do that just a few weeks ago okay I guess I nicely asked him to send me one of these and he said sure odds are one and 2.82 so get it lined up here I’ve never scratched particular as many winning numbers on it this is ticket number 11 by the way so hopefully I don’t miss anything and I got the lottery swindler scratcher whatever you want to call it eliminate okay it’s Eliminator he stands out to me today as well so let’s see this sketch is nice three four thirty six nineteen twenty nine sixteen when I quit the pro like he is 24 1758 40 it is going to take me a little longer to all these winning numbers no need it we need a winner 40:38 59:43 37 23 422 Oh 56 I thought that little 36 45 27:53 28 42 25:23 11 44 12 getting down to the nitty gritty 8:15 51:57 1333 739 55:14 I think we got a loser don’t see any matches 16 1917 nope I do not see any matches but I appreciate my notebooks guys for sending this to me I’ve never sketched a Missouri ticket before and especially a $30 ticket so go check him out I’m sure you are to subscribe to him but go check him out anyway he’s got some cool stuff coming up that’s all I got for right now like subscribe comment share we’ll see you later. .

how do those stars I’m back and it’s time for fan mail that’s right today I have this beautiful gorgeous amazing $30 ticket from the Missouri Lottery made possible by our friend millionaire book scratcher now if you’re not familiar with him you definitely should be so definitely do me and yourself a favor and check out the description below or the link at the end of this video so that you can go check out his channel he scratches haul books of tickets regularly on his channel so you definitely want to check that out he will definitely keep you entertained for hours additionally he does these really epic giveaways he recently had his two thousand subscriber milestone where he gave away a thousand dollars to the first place winner where else have you met a guy who just gives away a thousand dollars not very many like him but anyway real briefly on his story and Pepe has joined us as you can see but real briefly to kind of get you guys familiar with his history he actually was lucky enough to win the top prize on this very ticket from the Missouri Lottery in April of 2016 that’s right he won ten a million dollars that’s where his name came from millionaire book scratchers so he’s definitely a lucky guy and hopefully he sent some of his luck over he sent this ticket to me because I recently sent him some Louisiana lottery tickets and he just wanted to send this as a thank you for sending those to him really wasn’t expecting it so thank you so much millionaire book scratcher I really appreciate it alright I’m talking way too much let’s jump right in this is ticket number eight all we need to do on this ticket is match our numbers to the winning numbers or find a coin for an instant win a 2×4 double the prize a 10x 4/10 I’m surprised a gold bar for $500 instantly or a pot of gold for a win now they have a whole bunch of numbers here so hopefully I won’t miss any but I do see a lucky number 13 hanging out in there so hopefully lucky 13 or the lucky number six will bring us some love so let’s see how we do 33 30 59 30 136 oh we have 34 and 35 but not 36 all right let’s keep it going 43 we got 44 14 32 57 number 926 437 11 51 all right come on 300 million golden ticket we need some love 28 look at that we have a winner we have a winner we have a winner millionaire book scratcher you sent a good one a 2 X symbol let’s see if we’re gonna find anything else that’s gonna join the party here but that’s good news I’m really excited to see that I love these big tickets but I don’t get to do them very often because my budget does not allow for it so the fact that someone sent me one and it’s winner makes me very very very excited well 46 60 17 729 and last spot 19 all right so I think r2x a symbol is gonna be our only winner so let’s see what we’ve got millionaire book scratcher holy crap two times 50 is a $100 winner $100 all right that is awesome I love love love scratching these tickets so thank you so much for sending this beautiful winner I will be sending this right back to you mainly on our book scratcher once again didn’t expect it really appreciate that you sent this over and it’s so awesome that it was a beautiful $100 winner so everybody thank you so much for watching please don’t forget to check out millionaire book scratcher I would really really appreciate it and I’m sure he would be too and trust me you will be glad that you did so check out the link in the description below or the link right up there at the end of the video thank you for watching don’t forget to Like subscribe comment share bye.

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