Millionaire Bonus Scratchcard Game…’21’Green…Monopoly..And More Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

60 likes by tomorrow evening(Monday)for this video. . and we will do another Scratchcard Game tomorrow night. . . “Right you are”. . Piggy?

oh well this is the bonus in epic yeah yeah yeah you’ve reached it if you’ve reached it this will go on so what we’ve got is two cards this one here the 21 this one which is a similar one but it’s not called 21 it was just a green minion now I did win on this and I’ve cashed it I know there’s a win on that I don’t know what’s on there so I’m going to be buffing him the one with the win the one without what you want me to win there the one with him he said good first of all we’re going to relive the time win it was easier to win on cards that it isn’t there so let’s relive it for a second this was when you could win pick this is when you could be reasonable mints they’re right oh here we go for a little tester of yesteryear do you got so many wings on these well or something right here we go we just went fast 500 it’s for Peter Piper and Peavy didn’t win the other day but it was a short one and this one finer I found him will any pot of gold playing this thing and I didn’t do any buffering to the Swan even that looks to me like it’s a nearly quarter look that any cutter looks like it’s steer and that’s the only one I’ve done for you so we’re going to go this one here we got down here for that wake up to the minute but aren’t here we want a wheel or something else and what we’ve got here is something we’ve got a wheel and they got you there my next one is oh we ain’t oval no vault near Prague gold we got a pop gun pop gun that’s so mean yeah this is looks looks good we’ll pour gold a quarter next one is an airplane and you plan it out there okay I’ll pick up doing this next one a stick we got stick climb Paco will that’s moving up a bit we want to get a good look at this Oh T oh dear I’m worried here so 50 we got if you get 50 it’s 50 quid I’ll shove this in any culture oh oh dear I’m not doing any more after this it’s a noise will ya no we’re gonna skip it bigger don’t dear dear dear dear I’ll peek here we go it’s a cleaner it’s a hundred we got answered paintings on that one no should but we go home so it don’t mean nothing so we bet that it’s the only one we think it forget that let’s put a pin mark for it I’m getting carried away that’s not one don’t get model over there so King non jew the next 150 oh god no I didn’t know you said there’s another fifth day oh no there’s another 50 well short there’s a team there’s a 50 as a 15 that one’s 50 we know fell out gee now 50 50 let me see that 15 1 2 3 4 4 51 2 3 4 500 pairs everyone with the jackpot again chewing I won’t be able to do many of the other codes because I’m using all the time not showing it is oh oh oh oh I see anyone I didn’t mean let’s try to do something else as well well pick that’s Edwina 500 if you’re lucky you got lucky okay it’s gone with this okay we do the 21 first the one we don’t know nothing about yeah we’re not sure our piggy we’ve got a trial mean again on this these are not easiest cards to win them but like any of their moments okey dokey here we go no scratch one off there which is 45 one Dania which is number five so we want 35 or five to come up to think we’re gonna have a good if it danced admire we but you know what you are for each in 2035 26 30 and 27 okay there what we want this is what we’ve got and I well that’s no good we ain’t got no I’m only got twenties and thirties so for 300 300 300 stay on the top there let’s have a look at in Xcode a number phrase no good for wings no good mimics only 20 is our first 120 you know I know no no I ain’t no good 24 now we’ve got 26 27 knowings no good these there is no good seven days no good 21 now it’s 26 27 not 47:27 fights over 50 no good six is no good 39 no no no no 31 no fatal got and one no bonus which is a bag of money we need we don’t get it up at now okay so we won we won we won five pounds but we’ve got money back on this one and there this one well that’s a we’re doing it and then we’re gonna see what it is nineteen chances okay not cool we need a nick this applying ship and I stick here we go a diamond no a car now I watch now and note to note shine and we want to ship it up or wallet gold helicopter a safe treasure palm tree a suitcase snow house cramp beggar money a pulp no Sonia we got ya middle we want 2035 we want 1013 we won are we ready and we have 5000 need a 50 gila 50 we’ve got a 50 oh yeah yes yes so we’ve got five on that one which was an extra bonus we got 50 on that one which was a bigger bunch cuz right we’re gonna do five and Marvel marvel it won’t ass at all lose all we get down there we’ve got 55 pound on the temp and lamp so this would be 15 per layer and we’ve still got 55 pounds so if 50 pounds and fiber so 15 pair this apiece see what if we can win on this ready Oh double oh seven Oh Peter this might be good for you oh I owe six out so and no there’s a balloon this one trees er you can have this one Oh knowing I’m knowing you got around knowing I’m no you got to our loins ting that dog whines you know well Steven Leight has come to my name oh my mind in a moment let’s have a look Oh annoying Oh 207 oh oh no I got winged it’s another poem Trey house how about you Tim why no we won’t Oh No Oh 100 500 17 no we didn’t even know psych I lost one hi baby hi baby we’re going to give you this and Smith as well Emily Smith and I baby you can have this one Betty oh three one oh five OH three I can’t believe all these wind’s coming out okay so what are we doing whirlwind a 15 pound we spent we got a 50 uncovered on that one a five on that one pan on that one to panel not on the panel not so 15 pound was the outline and 55 56 57 58 59 back peak so tell us this is your don’t forget you’re like so we’re doing that one tomorrow we’ve enough away somewhere good night no you can’t then but you’ve got two cards let’s all shoot one pankot.


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