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Hi guys welcome to an episode of midweek Scratchcards I’m picking 2 viewers again today let’s see what cards we have

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hi guys it’s ruff here from scratch card winners Oh welcome to another episode of midweek scratch cards without week 116 Wow how weeks fly by so here we go guys really hoping we can actually win something decent back now it’s been a while since I’ve had a decent win on camera so whoever I pick today I hope we get some lucky cards so it’s just normal pick today hopefully you enjoyed the competition last week and the week before well the week before was where you entered and last week was when the competition results were announced but guys please keep an eye out there will be more competitions coming up we’ll be doing a little bit more with my channel a bit later I’m just really busy at the moment I’m doing a few things on my own but the videos will keep coming they will not stop so guys need to get the subscriber count up so if you’re watching come on guys it’s what it all counts on so picking two views today let’s see what cards we get and who gets a nice big shout out so here we go the first one is mad paper people so I’ll just write this down and wins a win it was right last week wasn’t great but we had something so any cards for you mate any cards so mad paper people thank you very much for taking out your time to drop in a comment it does mean a lot guys for just you just drop in a comment on a video it just shows you are interested in the content okay and the next one is amber Corbett just write this down amber Corbett to 250,000 cold that would be 5 because it’s any cards up to 10 so I got confused for a minute so amber 250,000 gold the two pound cards I’ll get five of them so a big shout out to you amber and to my paper people if this had been a competition guys you would have won something but please keep dropping in your comments because you never know that one week when the competition is it could be you getting called out so I’ll get them cards let’s hope we come win something decent back today I’m really hoping and I’ll see you back in a few seconds guys all rise okay I’m back with the cards so mad paper people requested any card so I got a tune 20 times cash and a fast 500 and amber corbett requested five of the $250,000 so there we go so let’s start off with the two pounds this time so I’m overdue the two pound ones first you’ve requested and then go to the play pound ones so here we go really hoping for something big today will we get it looking for the full card of diamonds today okay not even one five we have a 310 we have a eleven okay one thousand two fifty five thousand 250 teeth 5,000 and 1,000 so five five one one 250 250 all to card number two it’s gonna get a bit dark and just see if I can brighten it up just a touch no hopefully that would help treasure chests champagne bundle necklace safe and a car nope 4 and 14 5 250 10 250 200 and another 5 nothing on you purse car champers Bank wallet and a safe one and 13 250 10 40 50 100 and 1000 so nothing on that one either three down record for be any luckier coin wallet car bank safe and champagne 312 100 100 or another hundred will be nice thousand thousand that be even better and ten so not nothing on you okay last one card number 80 are you gonna be the winning one two and fourteen not island five one thousand one thousand five two and five thousand so not nothing on the two pound ones at all today so amber thank you very much for requesting them we’re going now into a mud paper people and you requested any so here we go let’s find that 500 pound win I think looking for gold boat truck limo and that’s on the boat we start off with a helmet so we don’t need the helmet trainer look volt a flag and a note nothing there timer didn’t need that we’ll stuff trainer not treasure chest diamond a key don’t need you putter gold helicopter and last one is a plane so nope nothing on the first 500 either come on need something back off this 20 times cash oh it’s gonna be a bust so our time symbol will be nice so looking for 33 6 18 and 13 twenty two twenty three twenty five twenty nine and fourteen no in 11:26 1912 not seven last row twenty four fifteen seventeen plus two four and twenty seven Wow nothing so thank you very much to my paper people and amber Corbett sorry there was no wins cause the rubbish at the moment but that’s the way God sometimes guys you can’t win em all and once again if you enjoyed the video guys please give it a big thumbs up and if you’re watching and you’ve not yet subscribed come on guys hit that subscribe button and don’t forget to drop in your comments for next week guys need some lucky cards need to change this around I guess we can’t keep having like small wins we need to find them cards with the big wins so guys thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you soon.


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