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now for more! is an adorable Jack Russell who lives with her owner Mitch Byers in Portland, Oregon. She loves having her tummy tickled, being photographed and like most Americans, enjoys a hearty meal…But the most important thing to tell you about Phoebe is that she died in 2013. Mitch had her stuffed after she passed away, and now he regularly posts pictures on his ‘My Dead Dog and Me’. Both Mitch and Phoebe join Eamonn and Ruth live!

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do you genuinely want to say I have proposed this to my wife with our little dog I want to show everybody a picture of my little dog and my wife wouldn’t happen but what I did is I got a statue of my little dog and I defy you viewers to say which is the real dog and which is the statute but mitch has gone a step further mitch has mitch has we fee be preserved I wanted that to happen to us and really why why would you let me Mitch I have to say I saw you you know you stroked her there I mean I’m sure she looks absolutely adorable all probably was an adorable dog but to me she looks cold when you touch her what does she feel like I mean she feels just like just like normally you know she she has all her real fur and everything she just has that that look on her face just just to fool people you know she’s actually a very very caring and loving very good I think very very really and almost the nose looks wet yes exactly yeah I’ve I’ve always wanted that myself of how they how that happens but I’m the other though wonderful folks out flora and fauna did a wonderful job Mitch it was it was actually your mom who who decided that she couldn’t bear to part with Phoebe and and decided she wanted her stuff there’s your mum with her obviously she was very much loved family pet but what was your reaction and the rest of the family when mum said look I don’t want to let her go I’m going to get her stuffed well actually it was all done in secrecy my mom when she passed away my mom’s just had this crazy idea to do it for just for fun really and to see if see if she could do it and no place in Oregon would actually allow them to to taxidermy her because it was too emotionally upsetting for them so she found out a place in Colorado and she didn’t tell anybody including my dad until a few months after and when he saw the bill but yeah you know they they just did a really great job and nine does mumtaz dad does yourself to yourself get comfort out of Phoebe being around absolutely absolutely there’s I mean I take her on all sorts of family trips and everything you know we I took her recently to Leavenworth Washington which is a Bavarian themed town up in Washington that’s a really cute place I take her I’ve taken over to a friend’s apartments friends houses to meet their other dogs and everything Mitch how to other dogs you know there anything dogs react they they are they they’re very weary of her at first because of course they’re expecting her to jump and play and everything and they’re mainly just like really curious about what’s going on with the whole thing but yeah they won my friend’s dog Thor is he loves Phoebe and you know it’s always always excited to see her so yeah you see I’m not really sure with all the controversies I mean you would go into castles you go into various pubs and things and there’s foxes stuffed and tigers and bears how much is a good stuffing cost it’s about about a few thousand US dollars for something for Phoebe for for Phoebe at least to have a good good base and everything yeah no I like it I can see why a lot of people would say why don’t you you know just get a new dog replace the dog and you know just sometimes dogs are so individual I mean our dog for instance is a is a cross between a border collie and a sausage dog and it was a bit of Corgi in there as well so she’s a rescue dog that’ll never happened again she was neutered before we rescued her so I mean that as an option not open to me so the stuffing would I don’t like stuffing I like preservation Lou the term preservation another dog Mitch with you in the family like another dog would you feel you’re replacing Phoebe as she’s kind of still there kind of I we’re definitely my parents are definitely looking for for a dog but they do travel a lot so they would feel guilty leaving her leaving him or her so you know they maybe in the next five years or so though for a dog but personally I do do a lot of traveling as well so I just feel guilty about having an a live dog because you know I want her I want one one you know a good connection do you travel because you haven’t got a live dog if you were traveling would you be able to take Phoebe with you can you take on a plane yeah absolutely absolutely I’ve looked looked up looked up all up and down to see all the laws and everything I contacted a few breweries around here in town and I said in my whole situation like I would love to take my dog in you know like oh we don’t allow dogs and I said well she’s actually taxidermied so she’s not alive she’ll just be sitting there and they’re like oh well there’s nothing that says in our laws that we can’t do that so yeah bring her on in I’m into a few bars and yeah and the view if you stroke her them it’s stroke or for me 9 tell me what do you feel does not feel hard does not feel like the Phoebe that you knew it does it’s like the the middle part right here is sort of like a bag almost so it’s very soft but like the head and everything the neck it all it feels literally just like Phoebe felt although she was live I’m a big fan I hope it’s a new trend well it’s an old trend actually yes just revived at much lovely talkin do you really appreciate you taking your time and Phoebe thank you very much did Phoebe is gorgeous and Phoebe lives on thank you very much Dave that’s that’s lovely thank you me you.


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