Man Wins 7 Million Dollars On Scratch Off Ticket In Get Well Card From His Dad Video

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Man Wins 7 Million Dollars On Scratch Off Ticket In Get Well Card From His Dad Joseph Amorese Wins Lottery Scratch Off Ticket.

this is a very interesting and intriguing news story that I want to share with you a man won seven million dollars well of course we know winning that amount happens quite often to some lucky people but it’s the way it happened that makes a story so very interesting he actually wanted on a scratch off ticket in the New York area now many of you might say well you sure are scratch off I mean like here in Louisiana I think we’ve had like a million dollar scratch off I know there’s several two hundred thousand dollar ones but seven million no way I mean as far as I know they don’t have him that big in Florida I’ve never seen a seven million dollar scratch off this thing cost $25 to purchase but it’s very interesting what happened because he was in the hospital for surgery I think it was a it was a yeah hernia surgery and his dad gave him a get well card and in the get well card he put this $25 scratch ticket in there and he scratched it and that’s how I won seven million dollars so that’s just a wild story indeed and very very interesting his name’s Joseph Elmer se 46 Easton Pennsylvania and his father lives in Rockland County he said I took my glasses off and looking at it I was pretty shocked to say the least Emery said I had surgery so didn’t jump up and down but in my mind I was jumping up and down I bet so ask him did it heal the hernia any faster 1010 wins glyn schmuck asked a maurice who laughed and responded all the pain I felt I did not feel for at least a couple of days and said his dad off often gives lottery tickets as gifts but obviously none were big winners until now his lump sum payout will be just over 4.6 million after taxes Wow and the man has a wife they’ve been buried for about a year now you can tell she’s just totally shocked by the whole thing well they got it made now for sure as long as they use the money properly which hopefully they will but that’s just a very interesting story had to share with you and I tell you when Luck’s going your way it’s going your way. .

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