Man Spends Entire Paycheck On Scratch Tickets – All In Video

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My name is Duranged Pitt.I am bettingmy whole fucking paycheckon scratch tickets. Fuck it, the year is about to end. I feel like I got one

more reckless maneuverin me and try to flip itand hopefully win some big money. Security at a weed shop. I get paid about every two weeks. $1,200My luck’s so fucked, it has to get better.

If it doesn’t, then fuck it,I’ll just end this fucking

year and start fresh.Not really. Um, so,I’m like about to buy some scratch ticketsand try to win some money. And um, I’ve spent my

whole fucking paycheck. What the fuck? Smart?Uh, I don’t know about smart. I mean, he can do whatever the fuckhe wants to do. Your whole fucking paycheck.

I can’t believe I’m doing this shit.Wanna hit dis shit?Oh, you guys can’t smoke. You working and shit. $1,200, man. Shit feel good in my hand, man. Almost as good as some fat booty, man. About to go hit up this Safeway, man.

My neighborhood Safewayand try my luck here first.Like I’m losing all my fucking money. Credit can not exceed $150. I guess I gotta do $150 at a time. I’m not doing no crossword shit. Let’s see. Here, we gonna go with

some Cash Whirlwinds.

Win up to $1,000.Get it rainin’ on ’em. Appreciate it. Yeah, I hope I got some luck too. Keep maxin’ this shit out, man. Still takin’ money. Just wasting my entire paycheck, you know?Like a normal person would do.

I sold out.I bought all the Seahawk shitup in this motherfucker, man. Sold the fuck out on them

Seahawks tickets, man. Oh, I’m doing. Look, I got a whole mix of everything. Yeah, man, we going for the win. My whole paycheck in it, man.

I can win at anything, man.Hey, just watch me do it. Hey, just watch me. Watch me. Uh, what are you doing?Is the machine literally broke?Look, error, man. Look at this shit, bro. Look.

We done broke the piston in the dispenser.Can’t even push anything out no more. Damn, shit fallin’ out

the machine, brother. We gonna need a bag, man. We gonna need like a paper and plasticfull all these motherfucking tickets, man. Damn, man. All this shit.

We at the Super 24 on Delridge,you know what I’m sayin’?West Seattle shit, you know?This is where I grew up.That’s two hundred dollars each one?Two hundred. See, we buy in bricks out here. Scratch ticket bricks, you know?He even got it activated. He gotta activate the whole shit. Like it’s not even activated yet, brother. Fuck that.

They all deserve coal.Hey, I appreciate you. Damn, man. I just spent $1,200 on cardboard, bro. Let’s do it. I’m hoping no more than two hours. Yeah, I’m fucking pumped man.

I’m about the get this

shit crackin’, you know?See which one of these motherfuckersis gonna pay me or delay me.Okay. I need a fucking coin again. I lost that one in a pile of everything. Five motherfuckin’ dollars. All right, all right! Five motherfuckin’ dollars!Let’s get this cash

whirlwind shit poppin’. Man, my forearm about to be buff as fuckafter this shit.

Fuck yeah, two motherfucking dollars.Yeah!That’s a loser. All right, motherfucking loser. So what do you think, sis?You think it’s a good ideafor my whole fucking paycheck? $1,200 $12. That’s a loser, by the way. This is my brother Brajoro. Loser.

I spent my whole checkon fucking scratch tickets.What time is it right now?Where’s my money, motherfucka?One dolla. One dolla. See, we getting into the meatof this fucking brick now. Two dollars. One. Four dollars.

One dollar.I mean, I know that you gotta go througha lot of dollars before

you get to the big shit. So, not really, because

this is a brick, brotha. Something is in here eventually. Shit, I made like $100. Yeah, $100 so far. Something like that.

Hold on, hold on.What is this we shit I keep hearing?What is this we? The only we is weed over there. Like, what are you talkin’ about?All right, help me with some of this shit. Hey, four motherfucking dollars. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Come on, keep scratchin’ that shit here. My poor bed.

It’s fucked.Whatever this shit is they usefor these tickets, man. This fucking clay shit. Fuck you, Blayne. Somebody pounce. Fuck, why you gotta

hit me, motherfucker!Four dollars. Four dollars.

I’m waiting for that big money, man.That little shit ain’t

gonna add up to $1200. I need it. Five dollars. Four dollars. Four dollas. Good.

About four hundred.Jesus, that’s horrible. See ya. Yeah, these are last. Shut the fuck up. Our landlord. Fuck.

I need to be alone for this last onejust in case I need to break some shit.I’m gonna break you. That’s a five dollar ticket. Then yeah, I mean,I have a chance to win up to 50,000. So, we about to find the fuck out. The big motherfucking loser. Fuck!Yep, well that’s that.

That is fucking that.Mm hm. That bullshit, man. Fuck yeah. Fucking sucks. Got fucking scratch all overmy blankets and shit. Like someone’s been

fuckin’ sharpening pencilsover my fucking bed all day.

Yeah, I learned to not be reckless.Don’t be a fucking dumbassand gamble your fucking

check away like me. Take responsibility for your actions. That was dumbass shit, man. That’s what it is. Anything else, motherfucka? That’s it. All right, cool.

Get the fuck out of my house, man.Why the fuck did I do that?. .

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