Lucky Man Double Lottery Scratch Card Win – Australia 1999 Video

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Longer clip: /watch?v=6R5MqxcKdV8

I’ve mirrored this video because I saw lots of people leaving like “why is he crying? I would be happy!” So I checked out the news – 26 1999

Heart attack – winning ticket – and a second winning ticket!
The Age Morgan’s luck changed last year after his heart stopped beating for 14 minutes and 38 seconds.
The 37-year-old truck driver from Cranbourne said that when his heart started again he began a new life and an amazing run of good luck, capped yesterday when he won weeks ago, Mr Morgan won a car after buying the last Tatts scratch ticket in stock at his local newsagency at Cranbourne.
Asked to re-enact his win yesterday at a stunt set up by Tattersall’s for the media, Mr Morgan scratched the panels on a ticket, paled and said: “I just won Before bursting into tears, he said: “I think I’ll have another heart attack.”
Mr Morgan’s lucky streak began in last year when he drove himself to Dandenong Hospital after having a heart attack.
He was treated with a drug to which he suffered a severe allergic reaction. His heart stopped and he went into a coma.
“The said I had a very slim chance of coming out of it and even if I did they thought I’d be very badly brain damaged,” Mr Morgan said.
“They were about to switch off the life-support machine, but decided to transfer me up to the Alfred Hospital at the last minute.”
On Anzac Day last year, after 12 days in a coma,
Mr Morgan regained consciousness. He suffered no ill-effects apart from some temporary short-term memory loss.
Mr Morgan celebrated his “one year of being alive” by proposing to his girlfriend, Lisa Wells, 32, on Anzac Day this year.
His good fortune continued when he bought the scratch ticket.
Gerry Devine of Tattersall’s thought it was such a great story that he invited the media to the Cranbourne newsagency yesterday for the presentation of the car keys to Mr Morgan, who had taken time off from a delivery for the presentation.
Dazed at his latest luck, he rang his boss to say he had to take the rest of the day off.
“My boss wasn’t happy. He said he couldn’t afford a replacement driver, so I told him to pay them with my money,” Mr Morgan said. “I wasn’t in any state to be driving a truck. I’m still not.”
He plans to buy a bigger house (“something with a nice garden”) and invest the rest of his windfall. “It’s not enough to retire on so I’ll keep working and I’ll still buy the occasional scratchie. Who knows, I win again.”

The Age.

on this car with a scratch off lottery ticket now a TV station wants bill to act how he won the car Sally tell him to buy another lottery ticket and scratch it on watch what happens when he does it again for the cameras I just won 250,000 I’m not joking I just won 250,000 ah.


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