Louisiana Lottery Scratch Offs

Our updated louisiana lottery scratch offs guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

By using publically available data, a ranking of various lottery games can be established.
The ranking system uses game odds, number of claimed prizes, and prize amounts to
compare each scratch game to each other game available via the Louisiana lottery.

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Not all scratch games in the lottery are the By using publically available data, a ranking of various lottery games can be established. The ranking system uses game odds, number of claimed prizes, and prize amounts to compare each scratch game to each other game available via the Louisiana lottery. (function() var po = document.createElement(‘script’); po.type = ‘text/javascript’; po.async = true; po.src = var s = s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); Louisiana Lottery Official Why play just any scratch-off ticket offered by the Louisiana Lottery, when you can select the best ticket? This list Louisiana lottery scratch games in order to provide you the best chance of winning the highest payout. Although winning is not guaranteed, this list ranks the current scratch-off games by prize amounts, total number of prizes, and prizes unclaimed. Policy @2012 All rights.

louisiana lottery scratch offs

Welcome To The Best Louisiana Lottery Scratch-Off Games

In 2016, the Louisiana Lottery marks its 25th year of operations, explained Lottery President Rose Hudson. To commemorate this anniversary doubleheader with the Saints, we have beefed up second-chance prizes to provide more VIP experiences and winners than ever!

Four second-chance drawings will involve a total of 34 winners and the type of experience to be given away depends upon the entry period.

During the first drawings, one winner will receive a Saints Fly Away Prize package to the Nov. 6 game against San Francisco, including two tickets, round-trip airfare, pregame field passes, two nights hotel accommodations and $500 spending cash. In addition three more winners will receive a Saints Suite Access Prize Package including a set of four suite level tickets to the Nov. 13 game against Denver. The deadline entry for the first drawing is Sept.

Entries received from Sept. 17 will be eligible to win the 2016 Tunnel Team Prize Package including four Plaza Club Sideline tickets, four pregame field passes to be on the field as the Saints come marching in ahead of the Nov. 13 game against Denver, one night hotel accommodation (two rooms), a parking pass and $500 spending cash.

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To commemorate this anniversary doubleheader with the Saints, we have beefed up second-chance prizes to provide more VIP experiences and winners than second-chance drawings will involve a total of 34 winners and the type of experience to be given away depends upon the entry the first drawings, one winner will receive a Saints Fly Away Prize package to the 6 game against San Francisco, including two tickets, round-trip airfare, pregame field passes, two nights hotel accommodations and spending cash. Nine additional drawing winners will receive an official autographed Saints jersey, football or received from 18 to 14 give participants a chance to win the 2016 Deluxe Prize Package, including a set of four Plaza Club Sideline tickets and limousine transportation to and from the Dec. 4 game against Detroit, plus four pregame field passes, four authentic Saints jerseys, one night hotel accommodation (two rooms) and spending cash. Nine additional drawing winners will receive an official autographed Saints jersey, football or received after 14 until the to-be-announced deadline will be eligible to win a Saints 2017 Season Prize Package, including four Plaza Sideline tickets for the 2017 football season, four pregame field passes for every home game, a 2017 parking pass and a VIP tour of the Saints practice facility. SAINTS GOLD is the perfect way to commemorate our joint anniversary enter the second-chance drawings, players should complete the information on the back of nonwinning SAINTS GOLD scratch-off tickets and mail one ticket per envelope (no larger than 4.5″ by 9.5″) to the drawing address printed on the back of the ticket.

hey y’all this is Nick Nick Louisiana bringing you a lottery scratch ticket and this is the one hundred thousand cash / ticket and as you can see i won obviously adding win the grand jackpot prize but i did win a total of twenty five dollars my eight match their their eighth so to swab dollars and my ten had the double money back so that’s 20 and the 20 plus the 5 is 25 Louisiana Lottery Nick Nick Louisiana.

how do you loan stars I’m back and today we’re doing something a little different courtesy of our friend millionaire book scratcher we are scratching an entire $10 book of the Louisiana Lottery 200 grand ticket their books consists of 25 tickets so we have two hundred and fifty dollars worth of tickets here of course the top prize is $200,000 before I start though I do ask that if you’re not already subscribed to me in our book scratcher please check out the link in the description below or at the end of this video go check him out he brings full books of tickets to us regularly as well as high dollar tickets fan mail and all sorts of good stuff he’s a wonderful very generous member of our community and you definitely should go over and support him if you haven’t already so please do me a solid and go check him out so the way this came about is about a month ago I mailed him this book of tickets he didn’t get around to scratching it and then we realized there were ticket prizes that he couldn’t redeem or cash through the mail so he decided he’d send it back to me and you guys are either gonna see this during my trip to Louisiana or after my trip to Louisiana so that whatever we win I can catch for him while I’m there and he didn’t have time to do it so here’s just kind enough to say here you go you do it on your channel and let’s move on alright so let’s go ahead and get started we’re gonna try to go through these as quickly as possible we’re gonna actually work our way down we’re gonna start with ticket 24 down to ticket number zero zero zero and all we need to do is match our numbers to the winning numbers or find a stack of money symbol for an instant win a $50 brush for $50 or a money bag for a win aww now I’m really hoping to find him something nice and big so he can make a profit on this book I do warn y’all Louisiana does have fake multipliers hopefully we won’t see too many of those but they certainly do exist it’s go ahead and zoom at just a little bit there we go I think you guys can see the full ticket Pepe is hanging out here so hopefully he won’t knock anything over for us and let’s go ahead and go alright hopefully we can find some symbols that would be wonderful I thought we had nine but we have 836 we don’t have too much of Louisiana Lottery in the community I think as far as I can think we have won Louisiana scratcher I believe this is username all right we’re starting off with a win on the last ticket of the book that’s gonna be an instant win so yeah any time that I go to Louisiana I certainly try to pick some up just to feature them for you guys they have some cool designs actually do seasonal tickets there which is what I like they have you know the Halloween the Christmas Thanksgiving all the different ones alright let’s see how much we’ve got okay we’re starting off with a fifteen dollar winner so a five dollar profit on ticket number twenty four of the 200 grand and looks like to see overall odds are on here one in three point four four all right mr.Pepe we love you but you’re in the way mister alright took it twenty three let’s see how we do all right we are looking for 31 15 2714 737 or another symbol would be great hopefully I don’t miss anything I do want to go through these rather quickly so the video doesn’t take any Trinity but I will make sure to double check them at the end and update you guys in the event that I did miss something some likely will have a back to back win but ya never know now we know and we did not alright 23 is old loser go ahead and move on to 22 now he was kind enough to say that any of that our ticket winners in other words we don’t get money but a ticket back I can keep so how cool is that I’m gonna make sure to buy some Indiana lottery tickets with it so far I don’t see anything on this ticket that’s why I like finding symbols it’s like you can’t miss it you know you want something when you see a symbol alright nothing on 22 good thing about these books is they are only 25 tickets so nothing like those he myths that some states have are are $10 ticket here in Texas is 50 tickets I think it’s 50 tickets another interesting fact about Louisiana Lottery is they don’t have anything bigger than $10 this is why he got $10 booked typically he likes bigger books like for 20 $30 books $50 books but Louisiana only goes up to $10 they also you know I’ve seen lots of lottery websites a ton of lottery websites there’s is probably one of the worst websites that I’ve come across trying to navigate it on your cell phone is obtain their information not very good it’s just it’s icky but I will say when I was trying to find these books for millionaire book scratch or a month or so ago it was hard it was very difficult to find stores that actually carried full books and then to find stores that were willing to sell them or that had the one you wanted I’ve never in my life and you know I play lottery never stayed a visit I’ve never in my life had that difficult of a time not to mention a lot of the stores were out of what we’re seemingly new tickets so it just kind of goes to show you that you know not all states are huge on lottery night I have input the reason why it’s like that in in Louisiana is because they have casinos everywhere so maybe the interest in lottery is just not great enough for them to invest resources into and for stores to keep a whole bunch in stock pile I don’t know but I did find it very interesting that I had to be like six different stores and then there’s a certain ticket I was looking for I never did find it and I went to like a total of ten store looking for it so yep I’m very disappointing Louisiana Lottery very disappointing also their tickets have very few top prizes maybe because their ticket count their print count is so small oh my goodness we haven’t had a win since ticket 24 and I was to get 19 I saw my Yap and is making me miss stuff that’s really crazy that we haven’t had anything so hopefully this one will be a winner but yeah they’re print count is kind of kind of small so maybe that’s why they only have a handful of you know top prizes I mean not just the top prizes but the second tier even the second tier prizes were very limited but I will say the few times I have played Louisiana Lottery it’s treated me fairly well I usually especially I really just played there $5. 00 tickets the most and I’ve made a profit almost every time with the exception of the first time the first time I went oh my god another loser are you serious for already I’m ticket 17 um the first time I went I bought I think 40 or 50 dollars worth of tickets and I lost on every single one of them so disappointing I’m hoping this means there’s gonna be a huge winner in this book we haven’t had a win in so long or I’m really hoping I miss something along the way I mean I’ll look like an idiot but it just seems so crazy that we haven’t had a win in so long even just a ticket win there we go there’s a fifty dollar burst maybe that’s why all right it’s a fifty bucks I’m number seventeen that’s still a lot of tickets in between alright moving on to sixteen can we get back to back winners maybe it’s a good thing we’re playing it backwards maybe we’ll find all the winners toward the small numbered tickets rather than the larger number tickets you think they’ll $10 book heated yielded six winners if I’m not mistaken so maybe that’s what we can expect and you also let me have the two ticket winner she had out of that world they’re hoping we find at least one winner that’s over a hundred dollars that would be wonderful I really really hope we find that win all money bag that would be exceptional I’d love to see some more symbols but it is kind of cool that the two that we already won on we’re both symbol winners and so we’ve seen two out of two out of three symbols we just need to see that winnow money bag and then we can say bucket list accomplished 14 if you are from Louisiana and you’re watching these videos share your feedback or heck if you’ve ever played VZ on a lottery what’s the most you’ve ever won be interested to know I’m sure we have at least someone out there that’s won you know a nice little prize on the Louisiana Lottery every time I go to Louisiana I tell myself I’m gonna buy the draw games they’re not the multi state with just the Louisiana Lottery draw games just cuz you know there’s so much smaller than Texas I feel like it rapidly increases my odds of winning something but every time I get there I get so caught up in the casino I just forget so one day I will buy a draw game one day all right we got another winner number seven for five it looks like this is gonna be our first fake multiplier another five Pepe just decided to jump on the table now he’s rubbing his body all over my face hopefully he doesn’t make me sneeze another five all right it looks like this one’s another $15 winner let’s just double check real quick that it was fifteen and not missing anything Pepe’s laying down that y’all see his party’s main right on the other side of this camera excuse me excuse me Pepe all right moving on to ticket 12 almost at the halfway mark and we are 11 minutes in not too horrible yet and I must say if any of you are in Texas and you’re not too far from Louisiana check out Posada casino if you’ve never been there that is absolutely my most favorite property I feel like out of all the casinos in and around that area because I go to Lake Charles sometimes to Cassata definitely is in a league of its own it’s a wonderful casino they’re very friendly there they take care of you their comp system is actually not horrible I wouldn’t say it’s really awesome but it’s not horrible in fact I kinda have a story about that I shouldn’t be complaining about their comp system the first time I ever went to Cassata it was on a Super Bowl set and on Super Bowl Sunday they always do like a slot play frenzy type thing where you get you know two points or three times points on slots good enough you know grab the husband I said I know you usually don’t play slots for less place lot since we’ve saved up all the points whatever I I know for a fact absolutely for a fact that we did not play more than three hundred dollars because that’s all we had on us and I said we’re not going to the ATM we went a little crazy at a casino in Lake Charles before we got there so we only had that three hundred dollars on us we were just gonna be there that one day well we played we got you know the extra points whatever the next day they actually have a cash out system there where you can actually cash out your points you don’t have to use them on comms you don’t have to use them on free play you can actually just go and cash out your points the next day I went ladies like oh here you go you you know you leveled up on your card and what do you mean she says oh you’re now because I think their bottom tears just advantage club and then after that I think it’s like platinum she said it’s gonna platinum or gold I don’t even remember I don’t have it anymore I think it’s gold she said yeah your your tier went up so you played enough you know for your chair to get bumped up so you get more perks yada yada and I’m like are you sure I just got this card yesterday she said you just got this yesterday and you ready to put all that play on it you know I was a little embarrassed at that moment I said it wasn’t that much play and she looks at my account and she says yeah it was it’s enough I mean it’s all there here you go here’s your new card whatever right and that’s when she said how long are you staying we said oh we’re getting ready to leave and she said well let’s go ahead and cash out your points guys I kid you not and if I can find the picture I’ll insert it here I kid you not I think they gave each of us over two hundred dollars back I think it was close to five hundred it may have even been more it’s it’s been a while I don’t remember the particulars and the numbers but we left after one day of play having earned or then we lost somehow now I know that as you’re winning if you keep playing your winnings or technically putting that coin right back in but I still find it like that is I don’t know I tried to tell the lady there must be a mistake there’s no way we’re in this much in cash back you know you don’t realize we didn’t play anywhere near that amount there’s no way and she said no there is it’s it’s all right here we’re on ticket number seven now this is crazy we’ve had three wins so far on this book so yeah first time ever in my life that I’ve gone to a casino and I’ve left with more in my pocket not from wins but from their comp system then I even entered the casino with and I got all that play out of it and I had fun it was a blast I still think they made a mistake but what can you do right you can only tell them so many times that you think something’s wrong before you’re just like all right I tried I’m just gonna take my money and go and nothing there wow I can see why millionaire book stretcher was like here you scratch it it’s not very nice not a very nice book at all but anyway back to my story Beshara yes they are definitely my recommended casino in and around the Lake Charles in kinder Louisiana area I mean I passed so many of them on the way up to it but none of them really compare all right we got a win all we pulled a winner we got three four three symbols excellent ticket number six lucky number six got us a win all in the very last spot all right fingers crossed fingers crossed for big money come on don’t $5 us to death here Oh even worse I forgot they do $1 prizes Oh how this sting shame on you Louisiana Lottery shame on you 20 freakin dollars you could have just gave me a single $20 match well at least we got three four three symbols but that was pathetic if you ask me one freakin dollar is just nuts I expected five dollar matches I did not expect one dollar matches all right I mean when you buy one single ticket and it cost you ten dollars and gets twenty back I guess you’re happy you doubled up but you see that when all symboi you get all excited like I just did that it’s gonna be something big and they give you that crap very very disappointed and I could have sworn that Louisiana Lottery had codes but I haven’t seen anything so maybe I’m just crazy and I don’t even know if they have an app I’ve never looked for one but I doubt it because get this they have some tickets they do second chance entries on and you have to mail them you have to mail the freaking ticket I thought about entering just because I figured my odds are gonna be great who wastes their time actually entering these things if you have to buy postage and put them in the mail but I don’t know I think it already ended and I didn’t even send it any but I was shocked like I thought oh it’s freaking 2017 let me just enter it in online wrong wrong no I’m training online for Louisiana Lottery you still have to mail things in I don’t know it just baffles me that a state lottery is that far behind anywhere and they’re all right number three getting down to the end here kudos to you if you survived and you’re still sitting along for this disappointing disappointing ride I was thinking about how disappointed it is I stopped paying attention to the numbers that came out let me double check all right there we go and our first ticket winner I was just thinking maybe they don’t have to get winners in this pack all right well no sense in scratching the rest of it because if it’s a ticket you can’t win two tickets let’s go ahead and go on with ticket number two you guys see everything there we go we haven’t had a single back to back win I don’t think they’ve all been really spaced out I’m gonna guess that we’re probably gonna pull one more ticket winner out of here that would just be my guest all right nothing on two ticket number one and you know what actually Louisiana Lottery scratcher he said I think that’s his name oh my god II can’t remember but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is he hasn’t been posting in a little while but I want to say that he said that in musi Anna the guarantee that one of them is gonna be the winner either the first ticket or the last ticket and then this pack it was the last ticket so I’m interested to see if we’re gonna pull a win on the first one there’s the other ticket winner I’ve tried to like look that up online I don’t know why keep scratching when there are tickets you know it’s just that um I tried to verify that information I figured you know you’d want to promote something like that as crazy as it sounds if something like that you know it’s done in any kind of lottery but I can’t even able to find any substantial sources that actually do indicate that they do that but every time I go I’m like are you on the first or last one and if they are I take a chance to just buy it now we’re gonna need one more there it is looks like these are these bill symbols are generally yielding ten dollars all right so it looks like this one’s a $15. 00 winner so let’s see how we did not too shabby 21 minutes to scratch 25 tickets all it takes that already got 15 there’s ticket ticket a stupid $20 win on 50 another 15 and another 15 so 45 55 65 75 85 I think it’s 135 with our big winner being a $50 burst so 135 out of 250 back it’s just a little more than half all right everybody I hope you enjoyed watching me scratch this Louisiana Lottery 200 grand $10 ticket thank you to millionaire book scratcher for making it possible please check him out he’s linked right up there and in the description below talk to you guys soon don’t forget to Like subscribe comment share bye. .

how do stars I’m back and if these tickets don’t look familiar to you that is because they are from the Louisiana Lottery not the Texas Lottery so I had kind of a crazy weekend I decided I would jump on the state line and come down to Louisiana just for a day day and a half really dying to play some blackjack and unfortunately I cannot get that in Texas so I’m gonna hit up some of the casinos here in Louisiana but I decided to pick up a few lottery ticket and give you guys a giveaway update I owe you guys two giveaways I will be taking care of those during the week when I return it’s gonna take me a little while to kind of go through the comments and get everything that I need taken care of so those are coming soon just two heads up all right so let’s dive right in I picked up four tickets from the Louisiana Lottery at $10 and then three $5 tickets let’s go ahead and get started with this $5 100,000 cash Club it looks like all we need to do is match our numbers to the winning numbers a stack of bills is an auto in double moneybags is double the prize or you win on all 15 prizes lucky number 23 let’s see how we do we’re looking for 37 36 32 16 19 or a symbol and I hope you guys are all having a great weekend a great and lucky weekend and Texas Lottery has not been very kind to me so I’m hoping that the Louisiana Lottery is a little bit nicer it’s a love hate relationship with me in the Texas Lottery some days it loves me some days it hates me and I feel like some days I love it and some days I hate it mostly depending on how it feels about me alright two more spots 20:38 alright so we lost on the 100,000 cash Club we are part of the no cash Club alright next we’re gonna do this $5 look I think this is such a pretty ticket match any of our numbers to the winning number a clover is an utter wind a horseshoe is double a pot of gold as it went off take it number 41 let’s see if we can do better on this 128 look at eighteen thirty five thirty thirty one or a symbol a little rough to scratch look at their team but it’s not one of our numbers really hoping not to strike out it will be pretty upset if that happens that’s what happens when you buy a whole bunch of different tickets from different books you increase the possibility of striking out all right we did find a winner number 28 hopefully it’s something nice and huge 23 walk and never scratch the rest of these 15 29 33 and no all right so it’s just gonna be that 28 we will come back to that bad boy nice to see we’re gonna get something now let’s do the five dollar big win it looks like we just need to match our numbers show the winning numbers a win symbol is an auto win if we match any of our numbers to the big win number then we win all 15 prizes our big win number is 5 this is ticket number 20 we’re also looking for 24 36 22 31 and 21 a whole bunch of 20s and 30s that’s five all right 33 it’s not good when you get a 30 and it’s not one of the ones you’re looking for 37 38 now they’re just poking fun at me 28 there’s a 20 but not the one we need another 30 something but not the one we’re looking for all right now they’re just throwing all sorts of random one offs at us and similar numbers but not the ones we’re looking for it’s not looking too good here 13 15 and 14 all right no love from the big win it’s a big loser all right last but not least we do have a $10 1000 frenzy hopefully we can get lucky on this guy we’re looking to match the winning numbers a bill symbols and auto in the money bags is a double and a $1,000 burst is a thousand dollars instantly lucky number 21 on this guy we’re looking for 13 lucky 13 37 24 26 315 or a symbol hopefully we can find something we’ve last time I was here I did find those money bags that was really cool that’s why I gave it another shot and he treated me nicely last time it’s worth a shot for 31 36 14:34 come on give us a $1,000 burst 27:25 2211 948 32 and can we be saved by the last spot 16 no we cannot all right so thousand dollar friends he was a loser luckily we didn’t bust though we did pull one win hopefully it’s something big for a free ticket out of 25 dollars worth of tickets we pulled $5.00 in essence back out of it alright everybody thank you so much for watching I sure do appreciate it don’t forget to Like subscribe comment and share bye. .

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