Lotto Scratchcards In Berlin Germany Part 3 – Some 2 Cards Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Part 3.

evening all it’s our last night here in Berlin it’s been absolutely awesome going home full of wicked food and we’ve created some wicked wicked memories and I found some German scratches we’ve got an extra mouth which is a green month extra mouths pink one snaps it that means power scratchy and we found that’s a euro one so we’ll do that one first from what I can gather with this one we match three to win that amount that’s what the bloke in the shop told me so we’ve got 50 euros we’ve got a thousand euros we’ve got one euro we’ve got another chance on free euro can we find another euro can we find that over your oh yeah we’ve got a winner we’ve got a winner you should be enough I don’t know let’s try this mouse one so we’ve got to do the symbol down here which is a Glock looks like a bell to me so we’re gonna bow we have got a careful a ladybird we’ve got stuff we’ve got cards we’ve got we got a winner we got a winner we’ve got a gold sack and we’ve got that problem is we’ve discovered that when we go to the airport in the morning unless we can catch these in the airport we’re gonna be stuck with these until next time we come to Julie and the Germany we’ve got a 2 euro winner on that one so two cards two winners up to now we’ve got another Mouse one more save our look your parrot one for the end this time we’ve got us yeah we have gaps a Holstein a blocker a calf our spine this is getting kind of weirdly braces now but it does shine we’ve got a good fat family we’ve got links so I’m no good on that one we’ve got one loser and then similar thing on this one let’s see what we’ve got on there we’ve got moons got a coin I’m butchering all my pronunciation as he sat here laughing at me I can’t speak German we’ve got a pump we’ve got steam or something horseshit Sieben a gook and we’ve got a star so we’ve got a little bit of fun we’ve got three euros they’re gonna burn a hole in my pocket if I can’t cash these in tomorrow but that’s the end of our little German adventure I can’t remember how to say Tata boy in German so I’ll just say in a German accent Sakthi bye.


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