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hey what up guys welcome back to the channel scratch off phone is the name of the channel if you already don’t know pretty sure you know I know all right check pop pony all right uh so I switched over to the scissors and add a little bit more luck I just went through a lot of scratch offs this is the last one Green Bay Packers once content $10 scratch off arm real simple match Packer numbers of your numbers when the corresponding prize get a little referee symbol when when the corresponding prize automatically get a little field goal symbol and when triple alright guys it’s very simple stop going in yeah the last the last video you might want to check it out I was kind of interesting the good one I’ve been pushing pushing out a lot of videos I have like a giant backlog of videos now because I’ve just been flying insane amounts of scratch offs and my camera and holds so much minutes I’m going to be buying a new camera soon enough okay I have not had like tremendous luck with this scratch off not going to lie I’ve had luck with it but like this this time around not doing so great with it and then I’m sick of seeing little numbers come on like why what’s up with the lottery people why don’t they give back a little more you know geez no one person needs freaking you know 800 million you know why don’t they spread it out put a lot more thousand dollar prizes out there it really would just fuel the economy because I mean what are we going to buy with it you know my stuff here I’m already not filling this one but you never know so that’s why you keep on scratching 27 1937 gags all right let’s roll I’ve actually been shocked on last row so you never know 47 and 37 I have these like little dusty particles everywhere these little scratch particles everywhere you know 22 and last one actually been shocked so you never know right I’m pretty sure it’s a loser all right guys I’m not playing this one anymore and I’m not going to that same gas station they say go to the ones that don’t get a lot of traffic and you have a better chance of winning with all that being said like sub share also um if you’re in the surveys you want to make a little extra cash I will put the link to the script link in the description below if you want to make a little bit of online money nothing wrong with free money they pay for your opinion extra fifty two hundred hours a week so check that out and I also give me a shout out guys refer your friends trying to build this channel up a little bit and yeah lots more videos to come and maybe even some featured guests so alright take care of keep on scratching later.


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