Lottery Ticket Win Law Of Attraction Scratcher Clear Intention Strategy Unbelievable! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Heres how the law of attraction produced a winning ticket!.

I just finished watching the poker tournament where Antonio the magician has done fondari and he said that the secret to winning was clear intention she’s gonna put it out there so I am putting it out there right now I am gonna win this ten times the money I am winner I don’t know how much the prize will be but I am going to win here we go winning numbers 12 33 31 9:15 come on baby I know you’re coming 34 smile number 33 what I say 33 waiting number 33 clear intention folks this is the first time I’ve done this first try with clear intention awesome once again winning number 33 and wins $5 there you go their intention it works.


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