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hey guys welcome back name of the channel scratch off fun alright guys I’m might have seen this uh scratch off before I’ve done it a few times it’s called the color of money had some ups and downs with it pretty simple this is a two dollar ones constant scratch off went up to 60 grand okay uh basic basic kind of scratch off you’d use for our doing any kind of video you know I wanted to do crosswords and stuff but those just take too long anyway let’s dive on in matching your numbers to the color numbers the color numbers over here when the corresponding prize get the little coin symbol symbol when double the chorus but impressed with the little money bags I’m going triple correspond prize alright yeah that’s pretty simple of the ten times of win all right let’s dive on in using scissors now I had a lucky pay so I’m going to look for that not know where it went color numbers these are the ones I need all right hoping to win something big so i can start off the new year right all right let’s go so i need 17 or 15 20 no 16 nope 22 nope I can already kind of fill it in me that this one’s not going to be a winner I hate to be negative nancy but sometimes you can kind of feel it but then again you’d be surprised just set you up for more oh my god i won so you look at seven up or not a 17 yo you know so I like to kind of just play it out and see what happens in see what happens 8 nope come on and looking for a 17 or 15 21 no for new nope 14 come on again it’s a lizard 19 hey guys I did not want on this one that’s alright a better luck next time plz sub and like to my channel I have different I have different videos I have some tutorials and some content for you guys plus if you liked videos like this where sometimes they win sometimes they lose keep up you know sub check me out thanks for your time see it.


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