Lottery Scratch Offs Strategy in 2018

Our updated lottery scratch offs strategy guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

I enjoy gambling. It’s fun and you get the rush of taking a chance on something and hoping it pays off. As a college graduate with a B.S. in Mathematics, I understand the odds and chances for the majority of casino games. I’ve read a lot of literature on gambling as it fascinates me and taking the chances at the tables gives you a thrill. Those chances are normally not in your favor sadly, but there are ways to sway the odds more so in your favor, even if they’re not completely on your side.

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With those calculations you can make a better choice in what ticket you should buy. As of that is here: Game No. You also have odds for winning a particular prize amount for the scratch off. For this game it is 3 of the PDF (see image 3 of the Game Tables it gives the odds for EVERY prize available in the game and you can see how minute the odds are for the top prizes. I take a VERY conservative number according to the data by assuming there are more loser tickets in the pool than there actually are which would reflect a lower expected value than the start because my loser ticket pool is much larger in my can also see a percentage. Examining the expected value on both scratch offs, we can see that the expected value for the Funky 5s game is considerably higher than that of the Cowboys game.

lottery scratch offs strategy

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Play New Games!

The first tip and one of the most important ones that I will discuss, is the concept of playing ‘new’ games.

A “new game” is a scratch off lottery game that is brand new and just came out recently. Most states and countries come out with new scratch off games monthly or a least quarterly. These are the ones you want to play, and this is CRUCIAL. Why? Because some scratch off games have been around for several months or even over a year . Which means that many of the prizes have already been won and claimed for those games. Not only the TOP prizes (which can be pretty substantial amounts of money sometimes) but even the smaller prizes such as the $2 – $500 prizes can be mostly gone if a game is old.

It’s not rocket science, but it makes perfect sense and you might not have thought about it before. The more all fresh and new the game. the more fully loaded with prizes it must be.

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Which means that many of the prizes have already been won and claimed for those games. I have won countless times on tickets with the above numbers. So in a roll with 150 tickets, the first ticket is number 000 and the last ticket is number 149. There are usually 50 tickets in the roll, with number 049 being the last ticket. I’ve had great luck with that number, as well as 049 (the last ticket of the roll).

hello everyone today we’ve got the new $20 ticket from Illinois the 50 times the cash ticket planning ticket number nine here’s a look at the odds for twenty dollars through $100 it’s exactly the same as the married a millionaire ticket that I was playing back in the winter and the to two hundred and four hundred actually occur slightly more frequently so about one in every two hundred and twenty two tickets for the two hundred and one and over six hundred for the four hundred and of course it goes up to the big four million dollar prize which uh actually the odds for that or I’m not horrible compared to what self C so uh we’re going to give this a go before we do I wanted to show you a spreadsheet that I put together to sort of show you what you would expect when playing this ticket in terms of the distribution of winners and losers so what I have here is numbers one through thirty that represents the 30 tickets of the book each number across the top represents a book of thirty tickets and what I’ve shown here in red yellow and green is winners and losers so the losers losing tickets are going to be in red and I’m going to show those as a negative twenty the break even tickets are going to show zero because there’s no way no losing $25 winner is shown as a five dollar winner because you’ve been vested twenty and one five back thirty dollars is shown as ten because you’ve invested twenty got thirty back and so on down to the $80 represents the hundred dollar winner because of the twenty dollars you get to put forth to win that now based on the odds that I just showed you in the back of the ticket this is what you’re going to see in an average book and based on my testing so far this is very close to what you’re going to see in any given 30 tickets you play you’re going to see about twenty losers for breakeven 225 130 140 150 and one 100 out of a book of 30 so again you’re going to see about 20 losers and for breakeven so there’s only going to be six where you’re actually going to win anything in a book of 30 tickets so you know not meant to bring you down but really just to give you a realistic set of expectations if you look on the bottom here this is your cumulative losses as you’re playing you know if you’re if you were to play full books or even you know even about the number so if you play thirty tickets you would expect to lose $250 and I obviously continues to grow of you as you played you know 150 tickets uberman lose $1,250 now every eight two hundred and twenty two tickets you’re going to win you’re going to find a $200 winner and so you can scroll across and see that those continue to play out now every 600 tickets you’re going to see a $400 winner but even that is obviously not not going to get you to any sort of winning numbers you’ve to play 600 tickets you’re probably going to lose around $4,600 and you spent 12,000 so so there’s just something to be aware of I like doing this because it gives the game a sense of reality and it helps me not to overspend to really understand this it also helps me not to chase the winners because I if I get a couple of losers in a row you know I don’t go chasing after that $100 winner because you may very well just get a break even or something so all that said let’s uh let’s give it a try and see how we do on this one start by exposing the winning numbers I’m not a lot of people don’t want to go through the when they’re viewing these videos don’t want to see all the odds so I don’t show this ever ticket I just do it every now and then because some of you have expressed an interest in understanding the odds better okay so four rows one to nothing down to the last rows so if we can find something here no looks like we have a losing ticket here based on what we just saw that should not be a surprise because there are going to be 20 in each book all right better luck next time but hopefully you enjoyed that and we’ll talk to you.

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