Loose Change! Did I Win?? New York Lottery Scratch Cards!! Ny Lotto! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Loose Change! Did i Win?? NEW YORK LOTTERY SCRATCH CARDS!! NY Lotto

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hey everyone is scratch green here with another video and today I’m doing Lucian’s yes yes do you know why because I look so bad yesterday on the Lucky seven that I’m like this is my go to ticket oh it will help me in my time of need right right it will right you will see on that right yes right right let’s go comment down right right now yeah so I’m here with the loose change again and you guys hopefully wind it on this because I feel really bad in the past videos and written not to read over them we can’t we just can’t loose change listen to me we can’t you’re never will put tickets feel good from you usually don’t even move in lately so you don’t you have to be good for me you have to and if you don’t know I’m doing a two hundred dollar giveaway so either go check that out and share with your friends so that you don’t miss out and your friends don’t miss out why would you want them to miss out like your friends right I am I had an announcement to video that I got appeal box and make sure to send me a ticket so that we can do awesome on the channel and let’s get right into the change how to play is to make sure that your tickets out at all your coins study add up to one dollar and then we will get to open the prize box so let’s go drive into this video I’m super excited about it I hope you want to start like button if you are having an awesome day and let’s get right into the video give one slice 5 steps 1 cell 25 5650 since I’ve d8 maybe for obvious to the elegant skin to the next one 50 55 5 10 50 60 70 nope you guys be me one date on this like I’m going or bringing 20 together and are we different and this role okay this is my hope you hope that is a big win because we’re not doing well displeased with just now so this has to be big let’s get to them one spend 25 cents 10 cents 5 and 50 is that a window wait 50 75 85 what so close yet so far let’s get to the next one if you write it’s about 25 20 there’s a lot of money in it or does it miss not so much okay so we got two winners tu tu tu tu tu tu two winners and I am super excited hopefully this big we need to mash up thumbs up button and make sure to subscribe them a little difficult it is all the time so yeah yeah yeah yeah subscribe and let’s get rid of to the win and I’m super excited about this hopefully it’s a win okay guys let’s see that a ring no no no oh ok so we have one more minute not doing that happy ok sigh so I need 50,000 this is not a big win house they need five bucks you know anything tarz one second 50 75 85 yes huh I was close but hopefully you enjoyed this video if you did make sure to smash that thumbs up only because we come with them all just to come students um you’ll just come yes yeah yeah make sure to subscribe smash that thumbs up button and come to know what your people to get a lot of your numbers meet your numbers people take the numbers we believe in mandatory I don’t know if you can make sure to comment that down below and ask you smile you.


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