Live Stream – Watch Me Scratch Off Uk National Lottery Scratch Cards Live!! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

So in todays video I scratch off the Rubiks, 250,000, Cash 777 and the 100 million cash spectacular.

hey welcome everyone to John scratch England’s first ever live stream direct from my tabletop so today we have more eager for scratch cards we’ve got the Rubik’s Cube scratch card the cash seven seven seven scratch card the 100 million pounds cash spectacular and the two hundred fifty thousand pound scratch card so let’s begin we’ll start off with the spoilers one I think you Rubik’s so feel free to chat if you want to chat I’ll answer any questions you might have I’m hoping you can hear me I’m not even sure if you can hear me or not so no penis is working quite dinner to this so without further ado or worse beginning that’s what everything is anybody watching no maybe it’s too early in the day that’s not only you need to find a stopwatch to win anything pain another cue so nothing on that one rubbish link next we’ll do the seven seven seven cash scratch card that’s just to marry a minute otherwise everywhere I was going on play winning cymbals rain what is a rainbow everyone grasses on rainbow and a house we’ve got a red out we got a winner it’s a rainbow sweet our first winner on the live stream holy move and the vault okay we’ll come back to that one no no the suspense I get the suspense where are the 250,000 per one need to find a diamond that’s a bundle oh we’ve got another winner all this live strings going well shame nobody’s watching Timon sing a safe purse thank when I need to find our money back oh my god got another winner money bag oh my god can’t believe it believe it we cleared five grand on the lovely Thanks 250 grand now those thanks very much 40 quid 250 I love 250 be sweet and it’s multiples on the pound so I think we’re doing really so we’ll come back to that one okay now for the biggie yeah yeah yeah what’s going on so 100 million Pass cash spectacular over 10 million winning tickets in this game well I know for a fact that I think there’s about four jackpots left on this car because I have checked out a website National Lottery website this could be one of them that a big suite wouldn’t it just kidding this let’s get into this so I need to find a money bag similar in that prize automatically under double symbol to win double the prize 14 No disappointing that certainly would have a massive winner okay so let’s see what we’ve gotten this from them so the rainbow let’s see what we’ve got two pound two pounds so this one we’ve got two winners on this one let’s see what we get alright in it oh good perhaps some of that not race see we’ve got mrs.just another fiber it is another fiber sweet it’s a 10 pound win on that once it’s a little bit too polymer 10 panel melon not too shabby that not too shabby spent 10 pound on these scratch cards got proper 2 quid so wheat well thanks for watching guys there’s no viewers on the livestream know what maybe next time well nobody’s picture early someday maybe I should do the evenings yeah that’s probably what I don’t I’ll probably do well leave a comment let me know when what time’s good for you and so yeah thanks for watching this video and I will see you in the next one take care guys bye below you. .

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