Live Indiana Hoosier Lottery Scratch Card Gambling Ticket Super Ticket 7S Win Up To 250,000 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION.


hello super tickets Evans number to another page of goodies for games price of tube so basically we’re looking for sevens everywhere nothing there nothin there Diamond stones little bonus area reveal two identical amounts and that’s what you get patent in winning numbers you get four of them which is pretty nice and seven symbols to 210 4012 for winter 29 31 33 2316 1132 you 2124 and 19 oh go on over here for the Ruby studs my daughter those bastards are gonna put a five dollar underneath that number 14 we’ll see I’m 15 14 12 15 14 12 5 15 14 12 5 15 14 12 nope boom so let’s see our five dollar winner over here son of a bitches oh well suppose we’ll get another one of these bad boys tomorrow happy scratchin.


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