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I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION.


so up everybody it’s Monday cash frenzy value book time overall odds 12.9 three not bad I think the prices are still pretty substantial out here so hopefully we find some cuz uh last couple times I’ve done this come up empty but you know I think this is the best odds we have on a 20 hour book here in Indiana of course I haven’t done tons of research but usually they’re one in three something 3. 5 3. 6 nothing there because that a good weekend we didn’t do a whole lot besides hang out and play basketball and had a BBQ but it was a great leak in to relax and unwind a little bit had a couple kids had a couple people sleep over on friday that’s always a great time i’m sure you know that well no matches there you’re looking for two like symbols nope I think the beginning of next month our new value book comes out well it’s not a book but it’s for games for 10 bucks and saw a big sheet looks pretty cool so I’m sure I’ll be getting that quite a few times I like the ones where you feel like you’re doing them for a while you know entertainment makes you feel like you’re in the in the game for a while although we all know that the lottery is to make money for the state here we’re looking for my clip or five times symbol there’s one coin although we need two of them to win 20 bucks and put three like some little con ground nope next three miles note last two games spectacular sevens just looking for seven symbol nothing there nothing mayor match any of our lucky prize amounts to our mounts fifty five hundred twenty five thousand oh yeah got a 15 to 50 so got us a fifty dollar winner this morning on this bad boy that’s what I like see if we can find another one here and get us one hundred son Mellon Bank vice no just her thigh here actually been hitting quite a bit lately nothing big but you know five ten fifteen dollars over the ticket costs it’s always good enough there you have it.


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