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Lotto Scratch Cards

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I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION.


yo what’s up team have a red hot crossword I did on my own because well takes me forever 110 bucks three are one two three four five dollars and one two three four five bucks so how bad feels only one of my head and then I have two of the diamond sevens and really 70s so while we’re doing two looking for seven symbol but what do you say we find it back there’s one identical mouse nope tentacle amongst I wish everyone had a good week in snow seven their butts these are also back scratchers backward is looking for a twenty symbol or a dollar symbol nothing on that one so the only one hope that’s a loser or four and number five ki gotta go go go bar crown money and piggy we just have the one winner see what we get seven bucks seven bucks do i profit well kinda 17 out of 15 so do y’all rabbit.


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