Live 5K Win On 5 Lotto Monopoly Scratch Card (Sorry For Excitement) Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Bought a 5 scratchcard in my local petrol station and walked off scratching it off as I walked off. I always reveal if I have won first and then scratch off the prize value to see how much I have won.

I decided to record what I thought was a 100 or 200 scratchcard. I knew it was a minimum of 100 because I had won 15 times.

But what happened next took me by surprise and hence the pure excitement and shock the rambling and swearing, I do apologise for that. After putting the lotto cheque in the bank I had a little dabble in the bookies which is the other videos on my channel.

If you don’t like my reaction please don’t feel bad we all have people we don’t like.

oh my Nathan in 2014 is and so keen is slavish fishermans and recruit all right I’ve told it and even morning right now it’s pre injured there yeah no oh no that’s minimum of a thousand wit though guarantee that I was in crude only nosy what’s that oh my god I can even be thinking all that way thank you because this is the race that’s three South County so maybe not you’re gonna be so this is live this is live this is live right oh my god five grunt yeah copy million no yeah right so and concern expressed me calculator 1004 yeah yeah alright there’s gonna be no it’s not what is it recording soon you are going to hundred this is live I’m not gonna say sports fans I’m not gonna say winner winner chicken dinner I’m not going to say any of that yeah this is live in cash generators Gloucester you’re watching a live 5,000 pound winner well what would be nice if I had what so that’s one mm she doesn’t fight under 2,500 2,600 rights okay hey you forgot one man you are a three yeah just keep that there 200 200 200 102 and it is another fast one that is what you call look Celia come on look at second so that’s what have you in the one I’m winning amount with a winner yeah and you win five thousand quid almost enough to come.


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