Lg G7 Stops Development Instead Working On New Design | Oneplus Store Hacked Credit Cards Stolen Video

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LG G7 STOPS Development instead workiong on NEW Design OnePlus Store Hacked Card Info Stolen

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that’s right what is going on guys welcome to Greg Iles your source for daily tech news make sure you subscribe so you know what’s going on in the world of tech how is everyone doing t shirts are in guys I’ve got my t shirts a bunch of you guys have your t shirts as well I’ll put them on the screen right now check those dudes out they look cool if you want to pick up a t shirt I have permanently reduced the price to $17.99 pick one up right now they’re linked in the description down below they ship through Amazon if you’re international send me an email we could work something out I’ll ship it out to you all right let’s get into the news a first story of the day is about LG that’s right LG and their g7 it looks like the CEO of that company we’ve been talking about the LG for a while they’ve gonna rename the LG g7 they’re going to it’s gonna look this way we had a you know a render yesterday what its gonna look like well it looks like they are scrapping everything about this phone and they’re gonna change the look completely so we also heard they’re not going to do yearly upgrades so I mean there’s a big shift of change going around with LG right now in terms of what they’re doing with their flagship phones and it looks like we complete redesign now what that means what that entails we do not know at this point it looks like the release date is still gonna be sometime in February it looks like or March but ultimately complete redesign which I don’t know how they’re gonna completely redesign it and then still release it in the next month or two that’s insane it sounds like insane maybe it’s not but complete complete complete redesign of this phone so we’ll see what they mean by that what happens with it and if it turns out to be really really great or really crappy or whatever it means but a complete redesign of the LG G 7 and our last story of the day is about one plus the store so one plus you know has one plus five T 1 plus 5 1 plus 3 and plus 3t won’t post all these different kinds of phones for one plus I have been releasing their really good phones they’re Chinese manufacturer but ultimately really high spec phones for instance the one plus 5t has a snapdragon 835 eight gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of storage you know maxed out to this foam and it looks like they’ve had some issues with the store with hackers actually stealing credit card data from recent purchasers of oneplus devices on the oneplus store people are complaining little oneplus forms people are complaining on reddit of this oneplus hasn’t fully said hey this is definitely an issue but they did say their data is encrypted so even if it has been stolen it looks like people are actually getting fraudulent charges on their credit cards if you used Pay. Pal which I believe I use that to double check my credit card but when I bought the 1 + 5 t I used Pay. Pal those people are safe so far it looks like only people that have been using credit cards are having this issue so if you’ve recently purchased a oneplus device or maybe a long time ago you might want to check your credit card for fraudulent charges and if so you might even want to cancel that card if you are getting those charges and definitely get those charges refunded back to you guys thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe new videos every single day per cup of tea show you love if you do buy a t shirt send me a picture of you wearing the t shirt I’ll show it on my social media I’ll show it on this video if you want and that’s it but let’s get to the question of the day what do you think about LG completely redesigning their device right now the LG G 7 is that that’s pretty big news do you think it’s gonna turn into something beautiful something bad I’m kind of torn about it I can see it going both ways where it turns out to some be something really amazing or something really crappy I’m a little bit worried about them at this point but we’ll see how it turns out thanks for watching see you down the road. .

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