Jan 2Nd – The National Lottery Scratch Card Experiment Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

2nd 2017.

hello everybody it’s day number two of a scratch card experiment if you didn’t join us yesterday the plan is every winning we get we tick off a date our next month we’ve got 31 scratch cards one for each day of January and we’re going to roll over the winnings and see how far into februari we can get I want to start using that patent to take thee sir yes they not so successful today we’re going to try a dual sevens doubler okay eight chances to win we’ve got to find a seven or a duel so let’s see how we do today OOP so we got a two and eight were looking for a 70 for a 5 a 3 a 3 a 4 last chance and on one so two days down for pound spent nothing one back yet tomorrow we’ll do a fast 200 and I’ve seen a load of these jackpot to come out brother in law Tom 100 pound on one of these the other day so let’s see what I look holds tomorrow tattoo by.


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