Jan 1St – The National Lottery Scratch Card Experiment Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

1st 2017.

hello happy new year with his body swag say Happy New Year everybody you say nothing new yeas he’s talking to you we got our boy a moment we swag I love you should we show everybody out that’s we’re gonna be shall we show everybody had that for gonna be now all the way through December we had a fantastic time with our advent calendar leading up to Christmas and with the winnings what I decided to do was instead of just collect the winnings and be logical and put it towards the vet bill but we’ve got to pay no no no I thought would reinvest it and would see if we could do a little experiment so this is the 2017 scratch card experiment so the idea is this we’re going to scratch one of these every single day there are 31 million Rosie jumped on our bike a couple of days after Christmas and we went from our house all the way to clay Phillips and hit 15 different shops and basically got all of these from different shops are none of them from the same real and over here it says februari and every time we get a winner we’re going to see if we can continue this throughout the year we’ll see how far we can take the winnings from Christmas over here so for example if I wink to quit that’s one day covered if I win four quid on one that’s a couple of days I’m looking a ticket and we’re going to see how far into the new year we can go so this basically is what I’m going to lovingly call the scratch card experiment so what do the first one up here will move across and then we’ll go down so tomorrow will be that one that one that one will go back up to the top and work our way through like I said if we will attend that’s five extra days to play with so you’ll see how far into the we can go so let’s get nice and close on this one so first things first on this one we need too much I’m winning symbol which is ironically after doing our advent calendar the calendar so it would be nice to start it off with a bit of a winner will see we’ve got a bauble we’re going to corrupt it with a little bobbin and we’ve got missile time so no but I’m a pond on this one here what we need to do is find a Christmas tree or more wins the prize underneath it so we’ve got a stack trumpet candy cane snowman candle another stat the fact that will have to stats isn’t probably the best designs but we shall see a stuck in a sledge some poly snowman chocolates and the last one on our first day is a turkey that says it already done to a turkey but tomorrow or continue and we’re going to start with this agreeing petting ticking the days of februari and we’ll see how it goes if you’ve not in fact do us a favor I’ve never asked for this before but subscribe and then as soon as I do that day’s video it’ll pop up join me on this little adventure we’ll see how far we can you go cheers everybody tattoo bad.


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