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what’s happening yo Arquette a here in Charlotte ending up the weekend it’s Sunday and what can I say camera girls back from the outer banks and so his video Tom time to do a little scratching so we just got back from olive garden and stopped in a food line for a little ice cream run and all that good stuff and grabbed a couple cards actually stuck a 20 in and started scratching I scratched a couple of them and this was the third one you can see it two times 25 to 50 off at five dollar car that’s one of those new bonus jackpots us the base I’ve hit off of those I’ve hit a couple twenty fives I haven’t played it much at all so got that one had five left sigh picked up this 200,000 extreme cash you know I have to excuse me my desk is a mess if I find something scratch with this is a actually I pulled this out today it’s a coin I did the Elm pulled a bottom step up and old carpenter thing that we do in building steps as you always stick a time capsule underneath that bottom step and this is what was under there today it’s a 1979 token of some sorts of charlotte north carolina carolina time access control car type anyway something mold I always think I always do the same thing you always stick a quarter of that year underneath the things you’re doing who knows something three nice and camera girls back from the outer banks so it’s time to do a little video phrase had her bath this weekend so she’s in all her glory all right let’s play this is a 200,000 extreme cash these you have you got to match the number up here down in the bottom or you can get a flame for 25 bucks so start up to clicking foot to 22 13 17 not looking good y’all take it 11 with a white line on it this one’s supposed to be a winner according to a scratch ology urban myth but yet it is a loser hadn’t done extremely well on these I’ve hit I had a 40 the day it first came out and a couple of 40s couple of 25 and stuff I’ve seen a five hundred dollar ticket of this there and it had a flame under every one of these very nice pretty good weekend though I’m up about close to 300 i hit the pic 3 and hit a hundred dollar there’s 50 X yesterday if you’re on my Facebook page you’ll see those and then and then I hit a fifty dollar maximum green card this morning so it’s been dry for the last couple of weeks it’s been a good weekend to catch up a little bit get back a little bit of something something all right there’s our joyous prize and I’ll leave y’all with that till next time peace.


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