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Lotto Scratch Cards

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I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION.


fantastic Friday frenzy anyway how’s everybody doing a great feeling about this ticket today it’s a book that I’ve done multiple times but you know sometimes you just feel it so join our cash frenzy looking for multiple coins to win pages one through six it could be going anywhere let’s get started lucky numbers actually let’s do the non winning oh well yeah you know you got you got the drift can’t talk today because I’m already celebrating being a millionaire in my head you know gets me all crazy 37 914 and a 30 nothing on page one we have a 22 and a 22 let’s keep scratching and see if there’s any more winners lucky prize 120 we’re just looking to match those and we did not gain three wheel to like cymbals win the prize nope Oh 22 and 22 the last time I wanna stick it was a two hundred dollar winter and it was a 20 on that same page maybe they could 11 on every page and this book except when I turned next time on this the seventh game you just had to find a seven I’m number one on their 3113 21 in 18 so still at the one winner which is all right with me last three like oh we’re looking for money clip or five times symbols money clip this winter prize five times obviously wins five times there’s our first coin will play we find another you’re looking for three like symbols not going to happen this is the game reveals 771 prize two times when double three times flame triple and we have a seven Wow just talking about it number one on that and there it is the best feeling this colloquy got two winners hopefully they’re not too you know ten dollars and just wet your damn twenty dollars back that’s always disappointing lucky prize amounts 50 25 thousand and one hundred so any of these match that and you win that amount 25,000 to a nobody doesn’t always throw me off first or blt like cymbals win prize three like cymbals when double down on the bottom looking for a bang pineapple cart or dice and there’s nice w I don’t know all those symbols but there are videos that teach you all about them and there’s websites that tell you what your state symbols mean so scan this just to make sure those are the only two back here to page 2 22 in 22 you a ten dollar wouldn’t you know it a ten dollar your bastard anyway we have a break even game here better than losing I suppose I do have to work tomorrow on saturday so i’ll probably stop and just trade this in hope you guys have a great weekend happy scratching.


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