Indiana Hoosier Lottery Scratch Card Competition With My Wife – Who Will Win The Most Money? Part 2 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION.


all right everybody part two of the scratch off between my wife and I she ended up with $25 out her nine tickets and I’m gonna start using this William Henry knife my dad gave me for my birthday got Damascus blade bone handle so hopefully it’ll bring some luck diamonds yeah and diamonds so we have a 6 14 and 22 you know how to scratch with this thing it’s like a pirate one of our other buddies uses it uses a knife you guys have seen on other videos I’m sure but this thing is so sharp but they can’t scratch it down ordered Thai may begin no winter on here next ticket is one of the bingos we’ll see if we have the same did you know the pingos oh yeah bingo Bacon’s did you know a single pig can provide 10 to 15 pounds of bacon it’s a lot of bacon we’re looking for a bucket and a coffee armor milk jug hey shovel barn egg little barrel Finn’s frying pan you get like a southern accent year though huh oh yeah you shouldn’t 2,000 a month you just take it in the different next lucky number one hopefully I guess some love let’s scratch his luck so far no good no I don’t want let scratches look I want our Kelly’s luck he’s always scratching off those skinny ins $100 winners just had one up there’s a 13 match I just saw you hit one yet last night we’ll save this bad boy for later you don’t like description oh did you know four strips of bacon has less calories in two scrambled eggs and that’s why a little bacon tractor egg coffee bucket milk jug armor hey shovel barn and that’s it digs it 30 times the money if you watched a part 1 of this you see my wife 120 bucks and a 3 bucks on here five sorry Oh got a three dollar winner three so that’s three tickets in around at one yeah Betty platino see cash so looking for for you know just do it the pastor way look upon 18 on this game no 35 no they’re 13 no monopoly if I slice my finger off 30 20 to 34 17 and 25 1423 3929 20 not 16 20 8 to 12 24 33 35 7 6 18 21 13 19 9 and 8 26 going the second pile over here now this extreme greens ticket you guys all know my luck with this took me five times before I want a prize so you just look for money bags and a win symbol that works good for that okay yeah this is a nice the knife works good on this one is johnny cash yeah how appropriate around our last row I really hate this ticket I don’t know why I got it and lose so unless I have a big winner on this she smoked me we’re at the trade man get some more we had a ten hope sorry 13 and 13 and it’s two dollars wow I want five whole dollars but Tina 125 so you know we have 30 will trade him in maybe we’ll just get a 130 dollar ticket alright hope you guys enjoyed the scratch off watch me get my butt whoop happy scratchin.


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