Illinois Lottery Scratch Off for 2018

Our updated illinois lottery scratch off guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

How to Play
Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING NUMBERS, win PRIZE shown for that number. Reveal a “MONEYBAG” symbol, win that PRIZE automatically. Reveal a “$$” symbol, win DOUBLE the PRIZE shown. Reveal a “5X” symbol, win 5 TIMES the PRIZE shown. Reveal a “10X” symbol, win 10 TIMES the PRIZE shown!

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illinois lottery scratch off

5X The Money

Here are five things you should know about the scratch-off games and the lottery investigation by Joe Mahr, Matthew Walberg, and Angie Leventis Lourgos:

1) The Tribune reviewed 138 instant games between 2011 and 2016, honing in on 17 games with the biggest prizes, and discovered most did not award all of their big prizes. Some of the games failed to pay out ANY prizes.

2) Northstar produced a lot more tickets for the games than the state did when it managed the lottery. With the extra promotions and multitude of games, more tickets were sold than ever before, which pushed the grand prizes higher, too.

3) The games often were pulled off the market early.

4) Northstar Lottery Group, hired by Gov. Patch Quinn in 2010, describes itself as “a fully integrated consortium of best-in-class companies that have come together to serve the State of Illinois as its Private Lottery Manager.” Northstar is backed by International Game Technology and Scientific Games. IGT is into slot machines, lotteries and other gaming technology, and brought in $4.6 billion in revenue last year. IGT is the world’s largest slot machine maker.

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illinois lottery scratch offMore likely, however, you’ll win nothing at all. Now lawmakers are calling for a government probe and legislative hearings in the privately managed lottery. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) after the first report. Some of the games failed to pay out ANY prizes.

hello everyone welcome back to my channel scratch off fun alright guys Merry Christmas first off um Merry Christmas 2016 in case you’re catching this video later alright everybody’s doing the unwrap another present and Here I am looking at scratch off info I get a lot of requests for this type of video these type of videos and I get different states people asked me for different states today I’m going to do illinois haven’t done illinois yet it’s close to me I live in Wisconsin and it all started with a Wisconsin lottery I was just showing you guys uh showing you guys what’s up a little tip or trick or tactic or strategy whatever you want to call it but it all started with with uh Wisconsin and I just kind of blew up I just got so many requests so uh I’m gonna do Illinois and then uh feel free to leave in the comments what you want next I did I did in New York and I believe Texas maybe Florida too so feel free to dig through my channel look for other videos like this but alright guys um here we are Illinois state lottery typed in you know Illinois I typed it in Google Illinois state lottery here you go Illinois Lottery all right this is the front page where you want to go first is okay go to winnings and you want to go into unpaid instant game prize lists and it’s going to bring up a PDF I have it right here it loads slow and because I’m recording at the same time it would have loaded up very slow and probably cut it out the video but um as you can see every state looks different some states wants you to win some states don’t that’s you know some some of them make it easier for you with pictures here and then some of them are very lazy with PDFs like this and and this is what it is alright so alright it’s not that bad though it’s pretty easy to understand and it actually tells you a little bit more information than the other one like when it says top prizes unclaimed basically it’s actually telling you top prizes and I like how it doesn’t have pictures pictures are great but I like how it did split them up pretty pretty nice with the 1 2 3 5 10 and then if you go down 20 25 30 and it’s pretty easy to understand actually so they did okay you know doesn’t always it’s not really important to have pictures and colors and all that crap as long as you have common sense all right so right here one dollar loose changes the name of the game look how they have laid out one dollar one dollar okay we’ll start at one dollar then it actually tells you the top two prizes unlike some of the states the $100 and the $500 one so they’re talking when they say top prizes I guess they always imagined it being a top three but I guess it could be just the top two or no three two two three that’s like the common sense about it two to three to the top three you know alright so look at loose change the name of the scratch off it cost $1 here here are the stats for the $100 and the $500 that are remaining there’s a total of this many $100 out there and this many unclaimed so there isn’t a lot of unclaimed out there to be honest okay so if this number is uh is low that means it just isn’t that many out there left this is how many there is total there’s six thousand one hundred seventy nine of this one hundred our top prizes and there’s only eight hundred and something unclaimed okay so that makes it really difficult for you to catch that one hundred right here 601 of this $500 prize out there only 84 of them are unclaimed I’m left out there okay so also going to bring up this real quick to make it easier for you guys you go to games you come down the instant games all the wording for different states is different it might be scratchers might say instant games in different states they call it different things scratch or scratch cards scratch tickets whatever alright and then a three four five ten to thirty so we’re looking at one dollar scratch offs right now so we’ll go here and the name of that game was come down loose change okay so here’s a stats for loose change $100 there’s 6,000 of them out there about and this many unclaimed I would pretty much avoid it because there’s not a lot of unclaimed you pretty much if you’re ill annoy you want to see this number high okay in ratio to this one because that just gives you more odds okay so I honestly will stay away from loose change when you go out there and pick up whatever you’re going to pick up same thing writ with here all right 500 a week life gosh that would be nice here it is 500 a week life I might want to play that one alright um there it is um the $100 prize out of 9,000 there are about 1500 out there still left so your ads are kind of slim in comparison to would it started I would say you know and then look for the thousand dollar price out of 450 of them is only 81 out there 500 for life that’d be perfect Adam 9 out there only two left okay so that is almost like too slow and not worth it let me show you one that is worth it looking in the $1 okay six seven okay look at this thousand dollar prize there’s is probably inure when your pride in Cup came out pretty uh not long ago out of twenty four rigid you know total a thousand other prizes there’s still 20 of them out there so that’s something you want to go after awesome for seven thousand out of eight there’s still seven unclaimed so this is like one you would want to go out there when you are you go out there you know you go and uh you hit your gas station whatever and you make a little list before you go say if you avoid loose change grab a Arctic sentence okay it’s the same thing for every state I don’t think I should have to go through a state but I mean not every state I mean every different bracket of you know $2 $5 $10 same thing just different odds let’s look real quick in the two dollars it looks like the ones near the bottom are actually probably newer and that’s why you have more out there like this one is when you go out there and it appears to be the same for Illinois so Illinois look at if you look at the bottom of every like three dollar games you look at the bottom five out of five nineteen this is you want to go if you’re in Illinois pull up this list you guys are lucky pull up this list and go after these ones the ones at the bottom latteria okay Arctic sevens snowflakes of money what is here five dollar games yep look Texas Hold’em grab the bottom ones okay and maybe the ones underneath it if you want to get some real money you know I mean if you came just to win your dollar back and that’s one thing you just want to get out the house that’s one thing but it looks like Illinois has it all set up for you if you just grab these bottom ones you know and it just gets worse on the way up and I think it’s because these are probably know but all right guys ah that’s Illinois for you all right like and sub if you haven’t already I’m doing these videos for you leave in the comments whatever state you want next and I’ll do my best to do that for you all right guys.

hello everybody this is alii we’ve got to $10 scratch offs from the Illinois Lottery Illinois Lottery they’re $10 scratch offs where you can win $5,000 a week for life basically all you got to do this you just got to match any of your winning numbers to the numbers down here and you win the price jump a couple of wild symbols where you can automatically win prizes this bar right here if you get that you in all 15 if we flip it over we see that the overall odds of winning anything is one in about three and a half okay so let’s start put this one to the side first I’m just gonna scratch off all of the winning numbers down here okay so I’ve got them all scratched off now let’s see if any winners 18:11 nope nothing happening with this one so let’s try this one now it’s the same exact same one there’s an auto line here here it’s an auto win it basically says you know if you get that symbol you win that prize automatically there’s another auto win and 15 okay let’s scratch off our winners okay so let’s see what we have here it looks like the only ones are the two Auto wins so let’s scratch off this one this one is $5.00 this one is $10 okay well thanks for watching this is a pretty fun and pretty easy to understand lottery ticket game maybe next time I’ll get that a five thousand dollars a week I’ll hang on to my lucky quarter for good luck thanks for watching. .

everybody Chris Horner here 1010 Columbus Day Monday hope everyone hope ever it has a day off if you work that’s cool I know the mailman has the day off and some of the banks have the day off trading doesn’t have a day off ah I have a bit of a day off Columbus Day the life has her friend is still in town today they couldn’t get to this De.Long for the CEO of Style Wars 2 hours long on Saturday so going to try to do that today and they went to the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago which is actually one of the better of museums all right I digress this is a $10 game 500,000 jackpot odds of winning that staunchly won in two point one six million let’s pull one hundred bucks out of this 78 to one we’ve got two tickets let’s give it a shot bonus box reveal two identical symbols when $50 automatic no good two symbols here would be a hundred and that’s no good game offers a jackpot ten times symbol on a jackpot symbol when all 15 private showing which are pair will be 15 times a dollar it’ll make me holler the wrong way those are numbers we’re looking for 49 no good 58 that’s good to get some help 23:41 fifteen 1844 got help we got help are we gonna get helps with two fives or a ten and a five the shitty version of help alright so I got two matches ever got a 58 and 44 will go to the second ticket yang congratulations to Karen in North Carolina turn her free $3 ticket in the 500 bucks playing NASCAR I don’t know much about NASCAR but I would like to know how you did it a good job by you Karen if you haven’t yet but go to the website down below click on the link deposit just five bucks are getting view a free $20 ticket to the millionaire maker contest this weekend in the NFL I told the story in the last video about the guy who lost a million dollars and the guy who won the million dollars quite sick sick sweat ah you need help line up some female daily fantasy wounds accumulo combi sauna deposit five they give you a $20 ticket a $3 ticket best odds of ever winning a million bucks better pay back more fun yes the commercial because I wouldn’t even win money tie all of those emails and you know if you had to sign up and deposit 20 bucks and that’s all you got I won’t even do it but I want to see you take advantage of the freebies and get the free tickets good for that bonus box no good for that that’s what we’re looking for a down low oh nothing absolutely nothing all right the odds of winning 15 bucks are the highlight of this ticket so this is probably a 15 dollar winner hopefully sometime in five hope leads 10 and 10 so we get our money back up these two all right we are number 58 don’t be 5 don’t be 5 it’s 10 great 44 don’t be 5 don’t be 5 it’s 10 great so we’ve got 20 bucks back kissing our sister so on the $30 ticket we got 30 back on the $10 ticket we got 20 back we spent 20 the $20 ticket we got nothing back so spend 70 got 50 back today mwah mwah mwah not too spectacular all right everybody have a great day enjoy your Columbus Day we’ll be back real soon again if you need help have to go onto the website it will send me an email we like to help our software spits out a lot of lineups daily fantasy winnings at gmail. com and we’re gonna get a book we’re gonna get a book at some point I some who wants to sure book let me know ah I’ll put you on the list and next time I do it I will help you take advantage of that it’s fun and I would love to share it with one of you out there all right that’s enough bloviating we will talk again soon of course continue to keep on scratch. .

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