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hey how’s it going on Sean here we’re doing a scratch off or you call it the challenge of whatnot um these are from a wild life these are from two weeks ago but I went to a grocery store I think was it looks like a donut shop I gave the guy about 20 bucks and I ain’t no scratching some there that were winners so I ended up getting more scratchers with the winnings right now here I think these are mostly winners that I scratched off obviously some are losers so I came up money on these scratchers and I’m gonna show you guys how I did it and I’m just letting you know the time that bottle I was like it was like I was it was like 12:30 at night all right I was I was just tired as tired as hell I had a 20 on me I’m like just give me some scratches I’ll scratch him some some other time down the week I scratched him there I realized that I’m too tired to be doing this so I took the rest home I was not confident at the time right believe it or not I was not confident while buying these I just bought these I guess just felt like volume and of scratching them and I will show you how much I’ve won okay so this one is the matching numbers one it’s match any of the numbers so three and you win let me see if I have one on this one I believe he did not win on this one one where it looks like nope this one’s a loser so was it two dollar one I believe this one’s a winner I’m just from looking at it I can tell it’s a winner because the twelve the twelves match and I just won six dollars off this one and this is a $2.00 won so I’m tripling my money on this one that one’s a winner this one is this one a winner and let me just check really quick I want to say this one is it um but I’m just gonna double check 14 no I believe this will one because I think I wanted two of them yes this one just ones a ticket so I end up winning eight bucks off of the six dollars I spent on the two dollar ones so we’ve got four a one no I ended actually breaking even because I got four right pay two dollars each that’s eight dollars I want six dollars on one and then the ticket on another one that adds up to eight dollars but the biggest winner was the tenth level one all right so the ten dollar one it says if you get ten times the 10 time symbols on any other prizes you won ten times that prize so I uncovered the symbol near the bottom I want 20 bucks right there and then um I think I got a nine I just scratch that all fully but I just saw that $15 imagine it’s 150 or 15,000 that would be crazy let me just scratch it right now so I end up winning thirty five lawyers on this one and this one was a ten dollar scratcher so I got it round triple my money on this one so 35 on this and one loser had some nice prizes but I did not match any of them so in total I spent fifteen these two that’s fifteen $23 and I ended up winning therefore so okay so I won 35 on that and Adon that one so that’s 43 so um and I was spending 23 and wanting 43 so I know winning $20 in total I have all these scratches and opening 20 now there is a secret it’s not really a secret to winning scratchers and no it’s not having confidence no it’s not going and buying a lucky bracelet or anything like that right um it has to do with going on the website looking at the odds looking at the prizes looking at the particular scratcher and determining whether it’s a good scratch or not I’m gonna make another video right now part 2 on how could you determine whether or not the game that you’re playing is profitable or it is not now this is not guarantee you and your winnings this is our guarantee that you win in the long run but it will just increase your odds of winning in general there’s also a trick to play scratchers I’m gonna make a part 2 talking about how you can use that trick in order to be better at scratchers pretty much all right part 2 coming right after this video thank you. .

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