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if you want to learn how to win in the lottery then you have to play the scratch offs game or you have to consider at least checking out the scratch offs game because the scratch offs has the best odds of winning compared to every single lottery game out there including pick three game pick four games and pick five game pick six games how do I know this because I’ve been an X Lottery retailer for five years selling all kinds of scratch up tickets I’ve seen all kinds of winners and all kinds of losers and when it when it comes down to it I’ve seen more winners from the scratch offs than any other lotto games almost combined okay because simply scratch offs have the best odds to win now on top of that I discovered an interesting secret while working at a convenience store okay and that’s how I came about this system called how to win scratch offs long story short I saw one player who was around 80 years old coming into the store and that gentleman one more than almost 95 or 99% of lotto players out there you could say everyone else that man stood out because he played in a different way than 99% of lottery players out there so that is how the how the win scratch shop system was born I want to show you what this is all about and I want to show you a little preview of this system basically what you’re going to get is the seven steps to scratch off success one of the first steps is go to the right location okay that’s one of the first steps go to the right location you’re gonna know the secrets you’re gonna find out the truth about what is a lucky store and what is an only lucky store and you’re gonna find out the facts about it step number two set a loss limit from the beginning and stick to it one of the most important tips is for you to set a last limit so you do not lose money that you cannot afford to lose from the get go so you set a less limit and you stick to it you set a budget step number three you ask the store clerk for inside information this is something 99% of scratch off players don’t do you’ve got to ask certain questions to find out about what ticket to play okay you gotta ask the store code inside information in what questions ask you’re going to discover what questions to ask you get the system the next step is to select the right scratch off from the best role okay select the right scratch off ticket from the best role and you figure this out by asking the store clerk a certain amount of questions which I will reveal to you in the system the next step is to follow the one scratch off rule now I’m not going to detail what this means because you have to get the system but you got to follow the one scratch on rule I’ll tell you what almost ninety nine player 99% of lottery players scratch off players who come into the store they almost break this rule almost all the time okay next step you got to stick to the one game rule many lottery players who purchased tickets they break this rule as well you do not want to break the one game rule you want to stick to the one game rule again you’ll find out what this is all about when you get to how to win scratch that assistance step number seven once you win or reach your loss limit stop playing you want to stop playing because you don’t want to lose extra money that you cannot afford to lose once you win or reach your loss limit get out of the store stop playing and move okay we also provide you additional lessons seven scratch off secrets how not to screw up in the scratch offs like ninety percent of people do secret number two how to discover a scratch house with the best odds secret number three play smart with a one Qing rule secret number four always follow the one scratch offer one to one game rule secret number five select the highlighted scratch offs secret number six get all the secrets scratch offs info online secret number seven always play responsibly responsibly so if you want all the best insider scratch off secrets from an actual lotto retailer get our how to win scratch off system by the way this how to win scratch off system is the first and world’s first and original system on the scratch offs game ok every other scratch off system that came about after this is a copycat of this system this is in the world’s history this is the first and only original scratch off system that was created ok on its own the only system that strictly focused on scratch shop this is the very first system in the world to ever be created to teach you how to win the scratch off game so if you want to learn from the original teacher the original master of scratch um this is it get how to win scratch off system right now by clicking the link below the video taking action right now in instantly downloading or how to win scratch off system instantly after purchase it is instantly accessible after purchase so click the link below take action right now get how to win scratch off system and we’ll see you on the inside thank you.


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