How To Win Scratch Cards 2018 Guides

Our updated how to win scratch cards guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

For most people a scratchcard win is an extra tenner here, or a couple of hundred if they’re lucky. But what about the players who have walked away with insane sums of money from their lucky pick? We’ve compiled a list of the biggest one time winners in UK history.

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More about most people a scratchcard win is an extra tenner here, or a couple of hundred if they’re lucky. Lottoland passes on Bets to EU Lotto, which is acting as a bookmaker. When placing Bets, Lottoland acts in the name and on behalf of the Customer. If you win any bets, then you get paid directly by Lottoland and not the official lottery operator. Tiers 1 – 3 for winning bets on SuperEnalotto are subject to 12% reduction as per T&C’s. This is a real money gambling Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford. For gambling addiction help and support, please contact Gamble Aware at 0808 8020 133 or visit Scratchcards – The Biggest Wins Ever – Lottoland.

how to win scratch cards

Am I Guaranteed A Win With Scratchcards?

Our biggest and most popular scratchcard is Chris Tarrant Millions, which has a whopping 25 different prize tiers and winnings ranging from 1 to a cool 1 million. After all, you wouldn’t expect the former host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to give away anything less than a million-pound jackpot would you?

To win simply match your symbols with the winning ones shown on the card.

A single card is 5, however players can make a 10% saving if they buy 5 cards in one go, or a 20% saving if they purchase 10, a great saving for scratchcard lovers.

In total 10,000,000 scratchcards are released at a time, meaning there is a 1:10,000,000 chance of becoming a millionaire with the Chris Tarrant’s Millions scratchcard, compared to the 1:45,000,000 of becoming a millionaire with the UK Lotto.

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More about don’t have to win the lottery to become a millionaire, with Lottoland’s great range of scratchcards there are even more ways to be in with a chance of claiming a jackpot. With 1,000,000 33Chances scratchcards released at a time, the odds on scooping that 20k prize are 10 different prize tiers, a potential 100k cash jackpot and just 1 to enter, there is a total of 1.8 million up for match 3 numbers from a possible 9 to win a prize, with the lowest being a play and the jackpot like the 100,000 cash scratchcard, Instant Millionaire has 10 prize tiers, with winners matching 3 symbols from a possible it differs is the potential winnings, with the jackpot standing at a whopping 1 million. not all, the two 2nd tier prizes are a 50,000 payout, while prize tier 10 gives players a card is just 1.50, but as usual there is a discount for multi-buys. This is a real money gambling Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford.

hell of a and welcome to part three of my birthday special 2016 so because it’s my 21st birthday sure I thought I’d do a part three and this is the final part of my birthday special as you can see I’ve got 21 pounds in the bank there how I got that 21 pounds Abdi put some money in I had two girls on you millions and as you can see I won to paying 50 back and with that to paying 50 I bought a 50 pence can to get rid of the 50 pence the odd 50 pence and I bought an instant Thunderball and I worn 10 pound on it which was rather nice so yeah that’s that sort of hair I’ve got to do this video today if I hadn’t have 110 pounds on this instant Thunderball I probably wouldn’t have beat I wouldn’t be doing this video today so you can thank instant Thunderball later on but let’s see if I can win anything to die out of the 21 pounds I’ve got in the bank and I’m going to treat it again like the last video as if I’ve only got 20 you know I’ve been to the shop to buy 21 paint with a scratch card I can’t go straightaway back to the shop to get another louder scratch card so whatever I win I’m gonna keep in the bank before win anything at all so let’s start off we’re gonna have a couple of goes on instant Thunderball I think being cuz these are the what the reason why I’m doing this video to date please bear with my internet which has been absolutely shocking over the past week whilst trying to get part two up apologies for that instant Thunderball not wrong to go we’ll have a lucky dip to stop the draw good start number nine number 12 number seven oh look at that do you reckon we’ll get to quit I don’t think so he never normally does what we’ll have another girl with this being as this was the reason I do not turn the video and then we’ll head off into the next here I’d have a parent one they know till you pay more than a three paying one and then if I pay one I don’t think I’m going to have a temper and one foot um I don’t know yet number 30 number seven number 20 I’m good at cheesy numbers aren’t I not one will we get Thunderball okey dokey let’s see view all games what with Avenue we’ll have an instant scratch I think these have been absolutely shocking for me I haven’t I haven’t won anything on one of these but then again I don’t usually buy online scratch cards very much so what do I expect instant scratch lot’s of luck I need that yeah right that’s gonna happen nope shocking what shall we have a go at next a two pound one it’s gotta be one of my favorites doesn’t it I have a couple have a weekly grand as well good staff two pounds very nice so I’m not gonna go away empty handed remember I am keeping that two pounds in the bank for a rainy day will they get another two parents nope what to pound is two pounds with the money back symbol we’ll have a go at weekly grand next oh gosh I think I better go at least now I’d know just for the crack as you know didn’t mean to press that bullying but or maybe maybe it’s meant to be car not loaded quickly as well I hope it does pay off three typical Oh a fiver very nice that’s good enough for me good enough for me another favor would be fantastic come on money bag where oh yeah money bag money bag five is a forever very nice I’ve got seven pounds back so far right Winkley grams match two identical symbols to lead add up to 10 nope three pound one next I think what shall we have got 10 pounds left 10 pounds left right what I’m gonna do I’ve been looking at Mary Millions I’m gonna have one of those but first let’s have a go at a three pound one oh I don’t like snakes and ladders but I’m gonna have a go one anyway not that I’ll tell you why in a bit if it happens but erm yeah harden when you lose a hardly anything happens let’s say roll the dice yeah that’s more fun what you Lacy’s giving us a minigame nope but he hasn’t given us anything there that’s why I don’t like this game because that happens a lot and again it’s happened could have given me that 20 pound again nothing again nothing that is why I cannot stand this game and I shall not be blocked playing that again people I just thought I’d show you why I hate that game and it’s just don’t a treat for me to show ya that’s the proof why I hate it with a passion um how much have I got left seven pounds left marry Millions that’s what I was looking at oh dear find a star now start a lousy winning symbol a sack nope and the winning number is number 5 nope oh well 2 pounds left 2 pounds left hmm monopoly gold I’m hoping to win at least three well three pounds you can win on this game so I’m hoping to win three pounds so I get a tenner back come on cymbal ooh dear then I do Mocho either a date will get the station but I’ve never had eat like that before but who knows today you could be the day or maybe not definitely not yes yes my wish has been granted three Palin’s that just what I wanted I can’t believe that that’s fantastic I’m more happy about that then you know like weaned four Digweed I don’t know why he bought there you go at least I’ve got me ten of that well a tenner is a tenner a nice round some three quid Wow I think I think I got a bit overexcited then didn’t I for three quid but there we go I’m left with a ten I’ve got a tenner back out of 21 pounds worth of cards thank you so much for watching the video thanks so so much to everybody that wished me a happy birthday and yet I shall see you at Christmas goodbye.

it’s Wednesday so you know what that means five pound worth of scratch cards we got a really shiny 2p here 2014 I’ll pick these shiniest coin in my pocket let’s hope it brings me luck we got five in a row straight off the real one three seven two one three three three to win the odds we’ll win in a one in four point five seven so one of these should be a winner let’s see what we can do that would be nice 100,000 the signs are there but it’s not paying them to to go I’ve noticed now it’s getting dark earlier people are putting their holy piss on and going out for a run they wait for it to get that to go for a run so nobody sees them but yeah they wear that hive is a bit confusing but this make sense somewhat last one is it going to be a winner in the odds are it should be and it is.

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