How To Tell If A Lottery Scratcher Ticket Is A Winner Or Looser By Serial Number Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Fake Lottery Ticket Winners talk about a California Lottery Scratcher ticket and if you can tell if your a winner or looser by just the serial number on the scratcher?


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I answer the following questions in this video
Can you tell if your a winner or a looser by the serial number on your lottery scratcher ticket? Can you find out if your a winner by the serial number on a lottery scratcher? Lottery Scratchers how to tell if your a winner or looser by serial number.

hey what’s going on guys I’m just gonna make a quick video here about this scratcher right here and a question that I have is I found this actually while I was dumpster diving and what really kind of blew me back a little bit was like hey why did someone throw away a $10 scratcher and number two why is only the serial number down here at the bottom scratched off right here now first thing I thought was it’s an expired scratcher but this is actually from 2014 and that says right here 2014 lottery and the game is only 180 days until the game expires from start to finish and then it kind of like you know expires anyway well it’s only April the 18th right now so we’re not 180 days and be here yet now this serial number barcode back here do not match this one white one right here so just this has been scratched off right here well my guess is that this is probably a professional that probably buy scratchers all the time and just scratches this part right here figures out well hey this is a losing ticket I’m not going to bother scratching off all this stuff now to me this is the whole point this is kind of the whole fun thing right again this is a $10 scratcher so if you win you win some good prizes right so my theory is that this guy knows what he’s doing and he just doesn’t want to waste time you know he probably buys hundreds of these you know a week you know spends way too much money and he probably knows what he’s doing anyway so if you guys know if this is probably a losing ticket right off the bat please let me know how I can tell and leave that in the comment section below but just out of curiosity I am going to be scratching off this ticket and just to see for myself if it’s a winner or not most likely it’s probably not going to be a winner but hey that would be really cool if it is winner that way this proves my theory down here okay so we have our winning numbers here we have six right there with the money symbols let’s go ahead and scratch off our winning numbers here I don’t wanna make this video too long so forgive the camera shaking here so these are winning numbers we have okay so we have 27 46 48 8 33 and 13 now let’s see if any of our numbers win or we uncover 10x symbol 20 X symbol or a whim and we win that prize so there’s 20 of these um so let’s find out we have 23 that’s not one of our numbers we have 45 that’s not one of our numbers we have 30 that’s not one of our numbers 21 no 38 nope 42 note we’re getting close 40 oh my gosh I thought dang and I thought I had it man shoot I thought my 46 was a 44 darn it that would have been 500 bucks man that would be nice huh 32 when I left one number off 25 man we’re all over the place here 11 okay we got 10 more halfway there 26 men were like completely we’re one number off of all these 34 one number off again of course Wonderbra 35 15 come on baby 14 let’s get at least 16 okay 41 20 to 39 and last one 43 so guys that proves my theory that you can tell if a lottery ticket is a winner or a loser in any category from the serial number at the bottom that’s why it was scratched off and he just tossed it um but it was worth a shot but guys let me know again how that how this these numbers right here correlate with anything so any information would definitely help me out and again if you guys are wondering how Thomas again dumpster diving and I have a web series of that called trash to treasure so go check that all I’ll have a link in the description box below you guys have a wonderful night and happy hunting.


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